Need help for the nutrient burn on flowering phase


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Hey guys,
I was using advenced nutrients ( micro,grow,bloom) for my amnesia auto fem. strain at outdoor.

Despite i did not add the nutrients at the seeding and germination stage,i have started the use at the flowering and pre-flowering stage.

In order to use easy,i have mixed all three nutrients in one big bottle as concentrate form without water,
also i have i applied concentrate nutrients everyday more than 7 ml then watering less than 0,5 lt to the per pot.( reccomended use is 4ml at the flowering time mixed with a lt of pure water)

Anyway Some of leaves edges have been getting dark yellow color and some of them has defoliate, 2 of plants almost 40-50 cm tall , one of it is still 15-20 cm tall which is i had pull off the burnt leaves earlier and its become shorter than others.

What I have done to rescue plants from now on is ; Protect to the plants from direct sun light,Stop feeding with nutrients , and flushing with at least 10 lt pure ph water for each pot.
What else do i need to do to get regular harvest time ? I was wondering that do i need to pull of rest off burnt leaves.
I would trash the concoction as well. There's a reason nutrients are shipped and dispensed from individual containers.
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