1. Remo Nutrients

    Remo Nutrients Official Discussion Thread

    Hi Everyone, We're opening this thread up for anyone who has questions, would like to post pictures of their grows, or has any other questions relating to Remo Nutrient's products. As members of 420 Magazine, we're offering 20% off all store items when you use the promo code 420MAG20. This...
  2. Feed Station-Summer Grow 2023

    Feed Station-Summer Grow 2023

    The Everything Feed Corner
  3. Krissi Carbone

    How I Prep For My Indoor Soil Grows

    Good morning all. I'll be growing soon and I'm just coming back from a 4.5 month hiatus. I tried to think how I could help a new grower or a new soil or indoor grower or just offer some suggestions to established soil grows and I felt as if a brief rundown of what I use to compliment my grows is...
  4. Grow AZ

    Emerald Harvest Nutrients

    Does anyone have any experience with Emerald Harvest Nutrients in soil? Thanks
  5. johnehazeharvester

    Dark versus light green leaves

    I have three plants which should be the same genetics. Two of them have lighter green leaves and the other slightly darker green leaves. The one with the darker green leaves got one less nutrient feeding. Which is a healthier plant? I have been feeding the Fox farm trio with half dose of the...
  6. PBlend.jpg


    Prescription Blend
  7. Bone Meal

    Bone Meal

    Organic 3-15-0 Bone Meal
  8. Jug Filling Day

    Jug Filling Day

    11 plants and 12 jugs later
  9. S

    Sample packs

    Don't know if this will be taken down or not -- let's list sample packs of nutrients, admendents, ect that are offered from companies - here are a few: Elemental Nutrients ($10.00) it's a myco based nutrient (veg/grow) + bloom booster Neptune's Harvest ($15.00) it's all about...
  10. Mjt420

    Nutrient question?

    Hey just wondering if anyone had any opinions on this I have a ten day old auto in fox farm ocean forest soil, should I start adding nutrients at 3 weeks on the 15th day or no don’t want to burn it out
  11. Mjt420

    Nutrient question?

    Just wondering should I give my autoflower nutrients after 14 days in fox farm ocean forest soil or no don’t wanna burn it out
  12. diabolito

    Nutrient Burn: NPK only or micronutrients also

    I realize you can get nutrient burn from the main NPK elements, as they are in relatively large amounts in a nutrient mix. I'm trying to add some micro nutrients to my DWC and it's hard to find one supplement that covers it. I can add a couple of different types but I end up with too much of...
  13. WalterGamer8

    What are the preferred nutrients for an autoflower soil grow?

    What nutrients to use for autoflowers? I used fox farm in the past but I didn't like it so I want to try something different. I'm growing in fox farm ocean forest soil. I've been researching different nutrient brands but don't know what to use. My budget is around 100 dollars. Is there a list of...
  14. mulders-chart.jpg


    Mulders Elements Diagram
  15. OMGReptar

    When should I start my nutrients?

    Hi all. I’m trying to decide when it is generally appropriate to begin feeding my plants nutrients. Overall, my plants are 22 days old but I just transplanted them into 1 gallon pots about 3 or 4 days ago. They are in Happy Frog soil. the nutes that I have to use are the Fox Farm trio and...
  16. T


    Dark rust spots are showing up on this plant only. Im growing 3 different strains. No idea what to do
  17. M

    Maybe someone has a problem like this and will share how to fix it?

    Hello guys, by suggestions I'm now try to look for help in this forum. First two season was great and now in season third started problem like this ( bellow in photos). Try every thing...ppm UP/DOWN...every N -up/down P- UP/down K - up/down. So plants are under LED's hydro DWC ph 5.8-6.1...
  18. Carmen Ray

    Cape Mountainside Bay Garden: Transkei Sativa Soil Grow

    Greetings again folks. I am so happy to begin a new grow this new year. I'd like to invite everyone to join me on my journey @Lerugged @Smeegol @Backlipslide @Dkmg01 @CapeGrownian @CADBOY @InTheShed there are more... I am going to be growing in the ground in soil this time. I have selected the...
  19. Coastal Dharma

    Nutrients schedules: need advice!

    Hello Everyone! Im fairly new to growing and have some questions. I have two healthy sativa plants that are on their second week of the flowering stage. 12 clones that are currently just starting to root out and 18 seeds that have just been put into mineral wool cubes in a propogator. What im...
  20. New Product to me - Cal-Mag Xtra

    New Product to me - Cal-Mag Xtra

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