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  1. WalterGamer8

    What are the preferred nutrients for an autoflower soil grow?

    What nutrients to use for autoflowers? I used fox farm in the past but I didn't like it so I want to try something different. I'm growing in fox farm ocean forest soil. I've been researching different nutrient brands but don't know what to use. My budget is around 100 dollars. Is there a list of...
  2. mulders-chart.jpg


    Mulders Elements Diagram
  3. OMGReptar

    When should I start my nutrients?

    Hi all. I’m trying to decide when it is generally appropriate to begin feeding my plants nutrients. Overall, my plants are 22 days old but I just transplanted them into 1 gallon pots about 3 or 4 days ago. They are in Happy Frog soil. the nutes that I have to use are the Fox Farm trio and...
  4. T


    Dark rust spots are showing up on this plant only. Im growing 3 different strains. No idea what to do
  5. M

    Maybe someone has a problem like this and will share how to fix it?

    Hello guys, by suggestions I'm now try to look for help in this forum. First two season was great and now in season third started problem like this ( bellow in photos). Try every thing...ppm UP/DOWN...every N -up/down P- UP/down K - up/down. So plants are under LED's hydro DWC ph 5.8-6.1...
  6. Carmen Ray

    Cape Mountainside Bay Garden: Transkei Sativa Soil Grow

    Greetings again folks. I am so happy to begin a new grow this new year. I'd like to invite everyone to join me on my journey @Lerugged @Smeegol @Backlipslide @Dkmg01 @CapeGrownian @CADBOY @InTheShed there are more... I am going to be growing in the ground in soil this time. I have selected the...
  7. Coastal Dharma

    Nutrients schedules: need advice!

    Hello Everyone! Im fairly new to growing and have some questions. I have two healthy sativa plants that are on their second week of the flowering stage. 12 clones that are currently just starting to root out and 18 seeds that have just been put into mineral wool cubes in a propogator. What im...
  8. New Product to me - Cal-Mag Xtra

    New Product to me - Cal-Mag Xtra

  9. mrking

    Wanting To Understand Nutrients Better

    I currently have an outdoor grow and it is going well. Following General Hydroponics Flora Series Schedule with Pro-Mix soil in 10 gal fabric pots. Simple enough. However, I am trying to understand the feeding of nutrients a little better but google and 420Mag search is failing me. :) I found...
  10. L

    What type of deficiency is this?

    Strain: Jamaican Pearl feminized Soil: BioBizz Light Mix Nutes: BioBizz Bloom, Grow, Cal Mag 50% Humidity 150w LED Ph: 6.0 Hey, Im growing 3 jamaican pearls, right now theyre in 7/8th week of veg and I want to send them into flower today. Up until now everything went perfectly smooth no spots...
  11. Root Farm Nutrients - Part 1 & 2 for Veg.

    Root Farm Nutrients - Part 1 & 2 for Veg.

  12. C

    Simple visual deficiencies & excesses chart

    Not sure if it has been posted before . It think its pretty precise and it has a visual value to it instead of just written explanation. Came accros a ton of posts where the title is … What is happening?!. Photographic memory friendly, the ambiance everyone’s looking for. For right now, since...
  13. Y

    Using AN connoisseur bloom coco in dwc?

    Hey all I’m currently running AN regular Connoisseur grow on my dwc, and I’m searching around for a AN connoisseur bloom nutes but the only available is the coco version, is this okay to use in the dwc?
  14. L

    What to do after flush? Nitrogen deficiency

    Strain: Royal Dwarf Auto Ph Water: 6.5 Nutrients: 2ml/L Biobizz Grow, 1.5ml/L Bloom, 0.7ml/L CalMag Soil: Biobizz Light mix Pots: Fabric Pots 7L One is 5 weeks old and the other one 6 weeks. Hi, Ive been battling what I suppose is a nitrogen deficiency for a couple of weeks now. In the...
  15. B

    Advice with autos: overwatered? Tips curling

    Planted these some 3/4 weeks ago, but they have been looking stunted and not well for a while now. Re-potted them just last week into these bigger containers. They are getting Plagron Terra Grow nutes now (5ml/1l) and only natural sunlight (in the NL). They get tap water (which is clean here)...
  16. S

    Any good 3 part organic nutrients around?

    been using Humbolt County's Own ( a great line) - thought it was an organic 3 part - believe there are some small amounts of chemical in it ? anyone know ? KNow there is a advanced nutrients 3 part "PH" perfect line, which is very good but since then switched to organic growing _ Peace
  17. Screenshot_20190724-134126.png


    Fox Farm soil nutrients feeding schedule.
  18. F

    First Auto Grow!

    Hi people, I’m after some advise on my first auto grow. I’ve been out of the game in general a while so I’m abit rusty with it all atm again! Lol. I’m growing in canna coco professional plus, with gorilla glue autos. For the feeding of nutes I have canna a&b & Pk for the later stages. Do I need...
  19. NorCAKnowYourGrow

    Am I using too little nutes? Afraid of burning, but still having issues

    HELP!!! Basic Facts: Outdoor Grow 3 Sativas (Black Jack/Blue Dream) - Week 1/2 Flowering 3 Indicas (Platinum OG, Venom OG, Purple Punch) - WEEK 4/5 Flowering 1 CBD Dominant (Chocolate Tonic CBD) 7 gallon black Fabric Pots 12/12 light (black out in storage canopy at night) Nutes: Humboldt's...
  20. NorCAKnowYourGrow

    Nutrient burn or heat or overwatering?

    I'm guessing nutrient burn....but maybe this is heat. Was hot as hell most of this week... I've had more of these leaves this week than ever. Fed them last week Friday and then again today. So maybe too many nutrients? 98% of each of the plants look amazing with an occasional fan leaf that...
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