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    Need help for the nutrient burn on flowering phase

    Hey guys, I was using advenced nutrients ( micro,grow,bloom) for my amnesia auto fem. strain at outdoor. Despite i did not add the nutrients at the seeding and germination stage,i have started the use at the flowering and pre-flowering stage. In order to use easy,i have mixed all three...
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    Slow growing outdoor Autoflower

    Hello, I have a autoflowering plant that hasnt bene grwoing that much after 2 weeks. Its growing outside in Europe. Can somebody show me some love and send his 2 weeks old plant (outdoor please) photo? Thanks! Happy stoning for you all ;)
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    Question about my grow space

    I'm a first timer, I've already got all my supplies ordered as far as the grow room setup goes.. My question is in regards to the space in growing in. I'll definitely post a picture of the closet tomorrow when I go to my brothers (growing at his place). For now I'll just give you an idea of...
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