Help - Is it normal to take this long?


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My plants have been growing from seeds for about 18 weeks now indoor in soil with basic nutrients and then some coco juice, b52, big bud, bud candy, kushie kush and overdrive by advanced nutrients, and using led full spectrum 20000 lumen light and been on 12 and 12 about six or 7 weeks and have small beautiful but still white hairy buds. Still looks to me like another 3 or 4 weeks. Strain is platinum kush mints is this normal? Do I let them take their time as long as everything is healthy? Is it normal to take this long?
Slow growth could be temp but it sounds like you are just on week 5 of a 8 week flower. Your math may be off because you started counting too soon. You start with two hairs at a node when matured. When the second pair of hairs pop out, that is day 1 of flower. This is around 2 weeks after 12/12 starts.
This is a day one of flower pic. So second hair in pic.
Most all of those additives are overpriced borderline snake oil. Custom mixes of NPK and a few micro nutrients. Nothing exotic. Maybe an amino acid. They only have any effect if you have a deficiency. You can not push nutrient into a plant but you can lock out other nutrients with excessive high concentrations. Big bud is P, mag. Kushy adds a touch of N,K and cal to there P, mag. Overdrive is NPK cal/mag. That's the magic behind the hyped advertising curtain.

The " you need absolute dark" is a well proven growers myth. You just don't want a beam of intense light hitting your flowering plant at night and shouldn't be much brighter than a full moon on a clear night. I can easily see the bottles on the flower room shelf but can't read the fine print on the back. Never had a light related issue except intentional experiments.
you need better lighting for sure.

there's a number of turn key tent systems i'd start there and then upgrade the light it comes with over time.
i’ve seen great things from mars hydro and the viparspectra lights. I run aHLG stuff but it’s on the higher end of the spectrum on price.
Pictures worth a 1000 words in this case. You need a minimum of 25wats of actual usage per square foot of canopy. Mid 30s per foot is the high end before too much light. How high you hang the light determines the square foot overage you are dividing by. Those are supplemental lights for window house plants with maybe 30wat each max. Generally a 1000 series light uses 100wats, 2000 series 200wats and so on.

Looks like they are photo type (not auto flower) and they are not getting a good dark cycle. The "sugar leaves" growing long single leaves is often a sign that the plant is trying to go back into veg. They need 12 hours of uninterrupted dark. Clear country night with a full moon dark, at the most.

There are DIY ways to improve the lighting if budget and shipping wait times are an issue. Enclose the plants with reflector walls to bounce the light back in on the plant. Foil backed bubble wrap insulation, cardboard box with typing paper glued to it. Whatever you have to make walls and possibly floor and celling will help a lot. The only type of light you can not use is incandescent. Any standard household Lamp fixture LED, compact or tube florescent can be used on plants. Less than 25wat lights can be hung inches from the plant. The budget grow Jack in my signature used A19 light bulbs to flower with no real loss in yield, just bud density.
Curious about your nutes. How exactly are you using them. For example.
Bud candy can be used all throughout your grow. Big Bud should only be used from week 2 to 4 of flower depending on a 8 week or 10 week finish. Overdrive should be used from week 6 to 7 depending on a 8 week or 10 week finishing. As mentioned above you need a better light. And most importantly you need complete and utter darkness when lights are out.
They’re full spectrum but led. Next ones I wanna do it better any suggestions on lights and an easy effective setup for my environment?
Just caught that you said how to fix the next run. I wanted to make sure you know this run is not a complete wright off. When a strain says 8 week flower it isn't limit it to 8 weeks of flowering life. If you fix the environment, I would estimate in around 6 more weeks you could harvest. You may loose some minor potency and yield from the early flower stress.It will still be worth harvesting if you make some changes now. A tarp pup tent and any spare light you can throw at it for 12 hours a day.

Vipar spectra dose make some good budget lights.
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