How long it takes I can notice the buds after induce to floration? (pic!)


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So I'm inducing my bubblegummer of 10 weeks and 22" tall to floration. My question is simple: How long it takes so the buds start to grow and we can be able to notice them just a bit?

I know normally it takes around 8 weeks in flower completely (at least this stain), but it's first time I grow it too and I'd like to know how long it will take in notice the buds in somehow. I putted my plan in dark for 48 hours and not is in 12/12 (first day).

thanks a lot!!! I hope to receive answers :)

Hi tanzaspeed.

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You should be able to detect bud development within 5-10 days but it could take as long 2 weeks.

Be well, happy growing, and again :welcome: to :420:
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