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Dope Seeds Sponsored: Stardawg & Blueberry


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Good afternoon and thank you for stopping by my journal. It’s going to be another fun ride and I can’t wait to watch these genetics develop.

This will be a sponsored grow from Dope Seeds. A fantastic group of people to work with. They had very stealth shipping if that matters to you. The seeds were clearly labeled which always makes it nice. They were very healthy dark seeds.

I’ll stop rambling let’s get to the show

What strain is it? 1- STARDAWG 1-Blueberry
Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Seedling
Indoor or outdoor? Indoor basement. Veg tent 2x2. Flower 3x3
Soil or Hydro? Seeding peat moss. Then to subcools super soil mix.
Size of light? Veg - 130 watt series 2 from BudgetLED. Flower- a beautiful 260 w (true watt) from my good friends at @Budget LED seriously it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.
Is it aircooled? Not the light itself but 1 exhaust 1 intake and 1 circulating fan keeps the tent about 4 degrees hotter than ambient.
Temp of Room? 68-74
RH of Room/cab? 55

Something I’m going to try this run is Megacrop. I’ll be calling on more experienced eyes with it as I’ve just started experimenting. I have the V2
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Here the seedlings are at the moment



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Virgin Ground

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Woot!!! Highya Silver!!

Virgin Ground

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As promised you have arrived. I appreciate your eyes as we move forward and always love the joy you bring :green_heart:

I was excited to see that you are growing Stardawg. That's a beautiful plant.


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Im in for the ride. Interested in running MC as soon as I use up the rest of my GH products so I’ll be following closely!
Cant wait to see these little girls turn into some gorgeous Ladies! :yummy:


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OK so it's a High Times Blend ;)

Lots of stuff in there if you go by what they recommend. Should be fun and I hope to learn some things while here.

Here are the amounts we’ve found will produce the best-tasting buds and strongest medicines:
  • 8 large bags of a high-quality organic potting soil with coco fiber and mycorrhizae (i.e., your base soil)
  • 25 to 50 lbs of organic worm castings
  • 5 lbs steamed bone meal
  • 5 lbs Bloom bat guano
  • 5 lbs blood meal
  • 3 lbs rock phosphate
  • ¾ cup Epson salts
  • ½ cup sweet lime (dolomite)
  • ½ cup azomite (trace elements)
  • 2 tbsp powdered humic acid


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I have some FFOF if that would make it any better for the use of MC.
It depends... the subcools is designed so you don't have to feed the plant anything but you may have to keep the colony happy. If you want to stay organic then MC will work but it's not an organic product and you'll just make the subcools not do what it was designed to do.

I use FFOF all the time and have great results. Highly recommened when cut with perlite at 25%.


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I’ll go with The fox farms ocean forest (FFOF)

.... I have a Megacrop sized itch to scratch.

I’ve been doing it the same way for years. Im ready to mix it up some. I’ve got the sample bag which should get me through this run.
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