Silverfox Grows Cookies - Breaking In The New Tent


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Strain/s: Girl scout cookies
Pot/Bucket Size: 1 gal -> 7 gal
Tent Size: 2' x 4'
How Many Plants: 2
Environment: Indoor
Medium: Organic soil
Lights: 250 Watt LED (true watts). 100 during veg.
Nutrients: Geoflora Nutrients

Good evening 420 fam, I’m just popping seeds and getting ready for my first grow in a few years.

I always do the scrog method and look forward to see what we can do with the 2x4 tent.



Not much to update on the seedlings. just doing seedling things. i have the light turned down as low as it goes about 18” above them.

Still working on dialing in my grow room conditions. My temperature is fairly dialed in now with the addition of a space heater to the room my grow tent is in. since the change my low has been 70 and the high 77.

RH is what needs addressing highest i’ve got was 45% but typically it’s in the 30’s. i have a humidifier coming today and plan on to route it to my intake fan. It will be hooked up to a inkbird controller i have laying around and should keep it around 3% of my desired RH.

I hope you all enjoy your Sunday :Namaste:


I’d say i fixed the low humidity issue. :headbanger:

now just need to get the temp up again. i have a long term plan of getting another controller to hook up to a space heater and have it near the intake but for now im just doing the best i can with the current set up.

Awesome to see you back Silverfox and already started a grow . I've got the vipar spectra P 4000 that I turned the potentiometer down to zero and was a perfect temp 10" above the seedlings .
@West Hippie Great to see you my friend. :high-five:

I was looking through my old grows the other day and forgot all the fun we had in those old days !
they were stretching more than I’d like so i increased the light and they seemed to like it. I’m debating finding something i can raise the plants up with as i have the light as low as it will go.

Any body see an issue with an old milk crate used to lift the plants up if needed?

The tent is holding steady at the desired conditions for the most part so that’s good to see. I’ve got some small adjustments i want to make but other than that fairly happy so far with the consistency of the environment.

This is clearly not the biggest tent i’ve ever had but i truly believe it will have the best environment i’ve ever been able to provide consistently.

How closely if at all do you guys follow the recommendations for DLI? I just got a meter and was shocked at how low i had to turn my light down to get the right number. I’ve honestly never even messed with it until now and always just went off feel but i figured I’d give it a go as i’m at near perfect levels of heat and humidity currently.

Really focusing on the environment more than anything this grow.

Thanks in advance 420fam :thanks:
Good evening 420 fam

Things are still just moving along here. no major updates. still dialing in the nighttime humidity. There seems to be some disagreements between my humidity controller and there vivosun sensor so that’s with the high humidity at night.

DLI adjusted today from 15 to 18

Happy new year’s eve everybody. positive vibes heading into 2024 :Namaste:

I’ve been debating throwing pics originally i had planned on waiting a week since the last update but it’s the end of the year lol 😂. so we’ll see what happens.
Happy Tuesday! These 10 yr old seeds are starting to come out of their funk. i think i had the lights up a little too high as far as intensity so i dialed it back around friday and they have responded well.


I’ve been frustrated at the growth rate and was reviewing my old journals and can tell at some point i got frustrated with the led and put the MH back in. I was about to purchase a new light or something when i had an epiphany. The LED is coming with much lower temps. something i’ve never had to be concerned about. i put a tiny space heater in the tent and the plants have a responded very well. I’m going to be monitoring frequently the next few days but i truly believe it was never a light issue and more of a me issue.

Targeting 75 deg and 65 rh

i was maxing out at 71 and dropping to 66 at night.

positive vibes

Silver :Namaste:
Hope all is well. things are moving along great with the fix in temperature.

I’m currently trying to plan when to transplant and top them to prepare for the scrog net.

it’s going to get fun the the next couple weeks. stay tuned 😂
Happy Tuesday 420 fam

I hope all is well with your respective gardens. Things are moving along just fine here. They have really kicked into high gear this last week. Temps at 75. RH 65 about 25 DLI

Well i’ve topped and transplanted them. I’ve got my scrog net all laced up. There’s something so satisfying about setting it all up.

GSC is going to be annoying as it’s a short bushy plant anyway but it is what it is. to be honest i’m not a huge fan of it but the wife is and i thought I would probably kill the first set of seeds due to dialing in the new set up but alas here we are growing GSC.

Next run i’m popping some of the seeds i made in 2020 :ganjamon:
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