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I'm a first timer, I've already got all my supplies ordered as far as the grow room setup goes..

My question is in regards to the space in growing in. I'll definitely post a picture of the closet tomorrow when I go to my brothers (growing at his place). For now I'll just give you an idea of the space and my current plan..

The space is roughly 42" wide, 22" deep, 62" tall (62" is to the clothes rack, there's more room up top). My current plan is to build a box inside the closet 60x40x20, I'm planning on cutting a 4" hole in the ceiling of the closet to vent into the attic. I guess my biggest concern is getting fresh air in. Is the crack under the door of the closet enough to pull the air in? And how should I go about putting up my black-white plastic? I was worried that if I wrap it around the box frame then it would block the little air that could come in under the closet door.

Any suggestions? I know it's hard to help without a picture but I'll definitely get one up tomorrow. I'm going over there to wait on the shipment.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Edit: I should probably add that I have a 4" ventech exhaust fan with a carbon filter. That's what I'm planning to use for exhaust, you think that will help suck into the room under the closet door?
Yep, as long as the crack is large enough, you should get enough air flow through there. Those little fans are quite powerful! The only thing you'll have to worry about here is making sure no light gets IN during flowering as this could cause some unwanted results (hermies, seeds, reveg, etc). So you need to make sure you have a way to keep the closet pitch black when you start flowering.

As for the black/white plastic, if your brother will let you, I would just paint the inside of the closet flat white, as you'll achieve pretty much the same resutls. If that's not an ooption just staple it up around the closet. When you do, put a piece of duct tape where you are stapling to prevent the staple from ripping through the plastic easily.

Overall it sounds like you have a pretty good plan as far as the setup goes.. Now the fun begins!
Thanks so much for the reply JoJo!

Yeah I was thinking of putting a piece of ply wood on the front of the box as kind of a door, maybe just wrapping it in the plastic and lining the floor will be sufficient since his closet is already painted white. I'm planning to mount the ventech exhaust fan somewhere near the top of the box and running the ducting up to the hole in the ceiling. I'm assuming that little fan will be pretty powerful so I kind of figured it would have enough suction to pull air in under the door while also pushing it out through the ceiling.
I'm not sure about the paint in that closet. It looks to be a pretty nice house, so they probably used a semi-gloss enamel paint in the closet, so it won't be as effective at reflecting light as flat white would be. Is the closet the same paint color as the door and trim around it? If the walls aren't flat white and you already have the plastic, I'd hang it there.

The plastic on the ground is a good idea too, since you'll probably spill some things.

As long as you have good enough air exchange and circulation, you shouldn't have any mold issues. The walls all have paint on them also, which will help reduce chances of mold.
looks like a setup for success!
Just wondering which lighting you're going to use?
and yea i was going to mention about the floor, you want something wet proof :)
Hey Kim!

Yeah, I'm planning to wrap the floor in plastic. I haven't screwed anything into place yet and I honestly might not have too after adding the plastic. The frame fits so snug

As for lighting, since it's my first grow and I was on a bit of a budget I chose to go with a fluorowing 120w 6200k CFL setup. It's REALLY bright inside that tiny space and I imagine it will only be brighter after I add the plastic. There's only one window in the bedroom so I'm gonna cover it with dark curtains so I don't interrupt dark cycles with possible light leaks around door edges. It's a spare bedroom so don't gotta worry about them being bothered lol.

Edit: it's actually a 125 watt 6400k fixture. My bad
Another question that comes to mind...

When my seeds arrive and I get the seedlings started, I need to keep the humidity around 70-80% for the first couple weeks right? I'm growing 1 nirvana white widow fem, and 1 nirvana White Castle fem.

How can I go about increasing the humidity in the room? Right now it's around 40% without any circulation. I've heard that some people will get water from the tap into a bowl that they will use to water their plants and put it inside the grow area near the plants, is that possible to raise the humidity while getting rid of chlorine in tap?
That's perfect for veg , but you may consider using a different bulb for flowering. For flowering, it's recommended to have lighting in the 2700K range.

On humidity, it's not SUPER important, and fortunately for you, low is better than high humidity. Cannabis will grow faster in humid conditions, but when you're too humid in veg or flowering, you risk things like powdery mildew and bud rot. You should be fine at 40%, but if they start showing signs of needing more moisture (leaves cupped down typically), you can get a humidifier and run it continuously. If you do this, make sure you get one with a big reservoir, as it sucks filling them all the time.
The space looks good! I may suggest looking into other lighting if you plan on growing more than one plant. I did the same thing (buy several large CLFs, thinking they were cheaper and lower heat), but eventually realized that a larger quantity of smaller CLFs is a better choice, as you can spread the light out more. I then got into some budget LED lights (~$100 USD) that seemed to be a better fit for me. That way I didn't have to buy lots of 6500K and 2700K bulbs for veg and flowering, respectively.

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