Slow growing outdoor Autoflower


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I have a autoflowering plant that hasnt bene grwoing that much after 2 weeks.
Its growing outside in Europe.
Can somebody show me some love and send his 2 weeks old plant (outdoor please) photo?
Happy stoning for you all ;)

This is 10 days old but it very much depends on what strain you are growing?

And where in Europe you are??
So many things effect how fast your outdoor plant will grow that it is impossible to just say your plant should be 9 inches tall at 2 weeks or something to that effect. For example did you amend the soil and add perlite or some other medium to keep the soil loose to prevent it from compacting after watering? Did you plant it where it gets full sunlight or does it get shade part of the day?Has it been clear skies and nothing but sun and 80 degrees where you live or has it been overcast and cool for the last 2 weeks? How often are you watering? Did you plant a seed outdoors or was it germinated inside then transplanted outdoors when it was bigger and established? The list goes on and on.
Hy OlderGrower,

I live in Belgium.
It has a lott of sun and never shadows.
Its about 25°C so ist very hot out here.
Will it grow?
Here is my plant:
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