1. George Mc

    Is it okay for me to prune?

    Is it okay to prune the girls? The plants are about 7 weeks old and they are two weeks into 12 / 12.
  2. R

    Leaves yellowing too fast

    Hi im new to the forum and growing and can do with some help please,im 5 1/2 weeks since switching to 12/12 and have problems with yellowing bottom/middle fan leaves,growing with 400w hps ph 6.5 ionic nutes 5ml/l bloom 1ml/l calmag was giving pk boost but cut that out last feed incase was the...
  3. Caper420


    I started 4 plants 2 were auto 2 were not ..there in a 4x4 tent under a 1200 led light what should I do or will they be ok together??? The grow time for each is about the same.. Type:Auto-flowering Indoor / Outdoor Growing: Easy Flowering Time: 8 Weeks Type:Feminized Indoor /...
  4. G

    Gitane Forced Flowering V.6

    For the past 5 years I've battle convention and veg indoors 18/6 under CFLs for about 60 days then around 4/20 they go outside. Darkness stays around 11 hrs/night for a couple of weeks. That's enough to send em into flower. Solong as they're indica dominant there's not a problem with...
  5. vyserage

    RDWC add-on dripper system for first 2 weeks - Where?

    So im going to get this on amazon and it should come with everything i need but it doesnt have a dripper system up above laying around where seed will be planted, from what i read this gives it increased growth rate for the first 2 weeks. Can anybody please tell me how i would go about...
  6. S

    Is this 600w LED enough for 1 or 2 plants?

    Hey guys... First time grower here... this is my very first attempt, so I apologize if my little grow closet is messy or not set up correctly... so critique away if you see any concerns. I have just been letting the plant do the talking for me :)... BTW... this is a seed I got out of a...
  7. C

    Not a normal yellowing issue - Please give opinions

    First time poster here so please do not be gentle. Be blunt and be honest. about 2 weeks ago my Thai plant started getting yellow leaves all throughout the tree. But this yellowing does not seem to be deficiency related and seems to be more of a very beautiful golden color but it has me...
  8. B

    Monster cropping my mistake

    My last grow, I had a girl that got severely light scorched during flower. I chopped her down & tossed her out, except for 3 cuttings, which I figured I'd use to experiment with monster cropping. One of them made it! After about 3 weeks, it started growing new leaves. It's weird looking...
  9. Z

    Possible hermie

    I'm 6 weeks into flowering on Ghost train Haze and I just found these today. Is it a Hermie? If it is can I save it just by removing the pollen sacks as they develop it still has three to five weeks to go Thanks.
  10. A

    Mazar x Great White Shark vegetative period - Second attempt

    Hello friends, I am with a beautiful plant of Mazar x Great White Shark, with 9 weeks taking the time of germination. I'm using a 600w led panel, and the humidity is at 60%. The curious thing is that I thought the plant did not grow very high because of the size of the pot, I'm having to...
  11. C

    Is it good to trim my plant during veg?

    I am about 3.5 weeks into and plan on running another 2 weeks I been thinking of trimming the bigger fan leaves and letting the main shoots grow out will it help grow the main shoots bigger or stun the plant?
  12. N

    What's the problem with this plant? Can't figure it out

    So I've had this problem on last grow and it's seems to be back. Tingrine-o-matic, week 5, fox farms soil, Humboldt country nutes and recharge but very limited. Was using well water but have switched to distilled and came up in ph from 6-6.5 to 7. Neem at 3 weeks one time. Humidity 40-50%, temp...
  13. M

    1st time indoors - Just curious if I'm good

    I have a 4'x4'x76" tent. I have 2 300w fs LEDS. 1 600w hood with MH in now. HPS to put in for flowering. Im 5 weeks in. When should I switch the bulbs and start reducing timer? I got 3 white cookies and 2 Cali og.
  14. H

    DWC Brown Roots

    Hi folks, I could do with some advice on this plant - I have two exactly then same in hydro buckets, both same color roots. I have just started two Dutch Passion Auto Night Queen's in DWC. The plant is about 2 weeks old, its had slightly brown root's from early days but seemed healthy. Its...
  15. O

    Which deficiency and what to do?

    Hi, this is my first grow and I made the mistake and started using filtered water few weeks ago and started having yellow leaves not only the older leaves mostly the leaves in the middle and the new leaves looking washed out and Im not sure what to do (Epson salt?) I would like to know for...
  16. J

    Please help me! Nutrients deficiency or burn?

    she 3 weeks old ppm 550 ec 1200 ph 5,8-6,2
  17. J

    Newbie grow

    New grower. Two weeks from harvest.
  18. G

    Flush tomorrow or in 2 weeks

    I've gotta leave for the holidays...here is my budding plant. I have no experience and no magnifying device. The small bud pics are the outter buds/smaller. Should I start the flush tomorrow so I can chop down next Friday before I leave or should I just wait for 2 more weeks before I flush...
  19. S

    Need help identifying problem

    Hey guys, I need some help. My one of my plants' leaves started to wilt and get dry overnight. They are 1 week into flowering with 6 weeks of vegetative growth. I've been feeding them Biobizz Biogrow, last 3 weeks 3ml/l of water every second watering. During first week of flowering I started...
  20. S

    Yellowing leaves on bottom fresh grow

    Put seeds in soil 3 weeks ago. Bottom leafs are turning yellow
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