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Experts please help. Strange combo of leaf diseases. Leaf problems. N and P??


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Hi great people!

I have some over nutrition and/or deficiencies I think. What is it? Pics below.
I'm an older lady who's a plant biologist professor. I grew up growing a garden and know plant physiology and that jazz, but these are a little trickier. I've already exhausted the resources.

I'm aware of many charts showing from P to Molybdenum.

Let me tell you what I have:

20% organic "Vigiro" With Ph adjuster in soil mixture (perlite)
80% pure, black top soil with thoroughly aged (over 3 years) cow manure.
Straws. Started with 50 straws in soil per pot and pull out as grows to oxygenate roots. Plants love it.

Fertilizer: none now but later,
Wild caught salmon fert 20-1-1
Ground veggies with #-#-#........ Etc. basically organic vegetables that are highest in P, K, Ca, Fe, etc. whatever % of each it needs, I can convert that from organic veggie, dairy, meat etc.

Heat: 80 F day/ 72 F night
Light: full spectrum lights with every color to be like sunlight. Helps seasonal affective disorder. And most other plants love it. I move to the sun that comes through the window too. I also have a grow light to the side so the plants get a comprehensive and full spectrum. Photons split in two when reflected, so white paper and foil combo keep reflecting it back and forth illuminating every angle from top to bottom. It's as bright as and looks and feels exactly like sunlight in my micro garden.

Heat control: fans pulling air out. And causes a breeze moving plant stems.
Co2 enrichment: a lot in the beginning and now every three or so days. Baking soda and vinegar in a trashbag, shake, inject co2 into another bag with water, shake to purify, then let seep and fall over plants in room. Co2 mixes with small room's air and the door is shut for a couple hours then aired out. Don't worry I won't ill myself lol.

In the beginning, I had them in miracle grow organic but the wood chips made it too acidic. I transplanted to 100% vigiro organic with ph adjuster, then flushed the plants. The plants then burst dr with growth. The bubbakush went wild. But the blue dream kept wilting. I trimmed off the bottom blue dream leaves that were toasted looking and it killed most of them. I know about N burn and P deficiency. But this is different than the normal symptoms. See what I mean.

It got bad in the beginning so I read planted them into ph adjusted soil. The bubba lush loved it but the blue dream kept drying from the edges of the leaves in from bottom to top of the plant. So I transplanted them all again. The blue dream lived and is still stunted but the ones that were too bad before transplant died. Then after transplant, I gave the Alaska fish fert 20-1-1 because the SDX strain cotyledons were yellowing in the center by the stem. It helped them! But then it burned my previously perfect looking bubbakush.

And the watering is done every couple days when the top barely dries out and the pot feels light.

Bubba: See how the edges are burnt. Burnt like N burn, but not the color of N burn bc it's toasty dark green and then turns brown. It's the color of P deficiency but not the middle outer edges. It doesn't spread like P def either.

Here's more views of the bubbakush:

But here's the blue dream. It's stunted. Weird growth. At least I did stop the drying out by transplanting. But the 1 dose of 20-1-1 didn't help.

See how the above may be N def bc of the globally spreading of the yellow? But why isn't the new growth developing? Maybe it will and it needs a couple weeks? It's transplanted for last time two days ago and all is 4 wk old.

Now a younger generation, 3 weeks is below. The color seems to be fine but the cotyledon centers are a little yellow. Notice how there's a tall and skinny one next to each other. The small one sprouted with a defect where the root curled up and around back down and established after the last transplant and is growing very well now. But the other one sprouted and shot up like a weed in the garden.


See how the above also has abnormal and differing growth? And how the cotyledons are yellowish towards the center? The 20-1-1 brightened them up though. But I'm afraid something will happen to these too...

The SDX are doing great. And 2 of 10 good, dark, black, thick, striped seeds sprouted. But these two are twisted! Look at the leaves. They look like they're twirled around your finger. But, the 20-1-1 brighter up the previously very yellow cotyledons.

They did get too hot one time. I know I over nuted some and other strains needed different amounts. I think I have a feel for each one now. But that's after losing over half of them! Ahh! And the seeds are unreliable. They're bag seeds so you know, they're not the best. But I think with good nutrition, and sees that sprouts can get close to a really superior see. Epigenetics.

But it really Biggs me that I have mixed symptoms. Maybe a N burn mixed with P and Ca def. but because of all that, I transplanted all the last and third time to 80% pure soil and old manure that'd have all the nutrients.

It helped, but not all of them. I'm kind of lost here.

And I'm going to keep my organic microbes in the soil. I've springtails and such. It smells like a sweet fresh woods scene in their little environment.

Here's what I don't know.

1. The exact def and or over nute issues with each specific type in the above pics.

2. The exact ratio to change the issues in #1. Can you too me, fix it with #-#-#. Then if you give me the raw info i can find organic frets to match it no problem. And I can make teas too if you knew how to repair it that way.

A good flush helped the bubba.

But I'm just worried with all my mistakes so far I'm doing something wrong and maybe more will die when I could act now. I know at least a couple of the plants have issues.

Sorry if there's typos I'm on my phone.

Any tips ideas or anything would be amazing!!!! :)


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:cheer:In my opinion I believe your soil is to hot.......( to rich in nutes for your little girls) I grow in both soil and hydro and experience similar problems when I use fox farms oceans potting soil..... When I mix a 50/50 potting soil to perlite I no longer have the twisting and Nute burn hope this helps be safe and good growing MrCloner420:cheer:


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And I treated with New Chapter organic, bioavailable "Every woman's one daily." It has all micro nutrients the same as plants need. But maybe my prob is a macro nutrient combo prob. I treated with calmag and it did nothing. I foilar fed with organic raw kelp spray at night so it wouldn't cause heat burn. The bubba lived it! But the blue dream hated it and wilted further.
I'm not overwatering.


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What can I do to make my blue dream grow again? It's about 4 weeks old and stopped growing. Maybe it needs time to adjust. I hope...


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Not too hot in temperature, too hot in nutrients. Seedlings are sensitive to high nutrient levels and the browning of your leaf tips is a sign if this especially since the worst looking plant is one you fed additional nutes. Further, they all look over watered. Make sure your temps are in the 70s if possible.


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I thought if you supplement with Co2, the plants temp needs to be higher bc of the higher respiration....
I flushed them all and this morning the first one above has the burnt tips spreading up the leaf. It's the bottom leaves but not the cotyledons...


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Here's the one. It's just getting worse. But the top leaves really greened up after 20-1-1.

But because of how they look now, I have them a few drops of 0-5-10 mixed in the water. It was from lettuce and banana and kelp tea I made. Very dilute tho bc I'm scared to hurt them.


Was that good, bad? What's missing?


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I need help with my grow also. The leaves on my Northern Lights are leathery and dying. Seems to be only NL strain because my WW and White Castles seem to be doing well. I'm organic with well water. These are seedlings about six weeks old. I've read that if you're organic the pH doesn't matter as much. Can anyone help me with this problem?
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