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  1. TheNuttyProfessor

    Good Old Fashion Orange Bud - 100% Skunk

    One of the original Skunk (100% Skunk!) varieties and still one of the best we have ever seen. Orange Bud was selected from outstanding Skunk genetics in the early 80's, it is a highly potent and very stable strain that grows well indoors or outdoors with any type of grow medium. Even new...
  2. F

    First Indoor Marijuana Grow - Orange Diesel & Church

    This is my first indoor grow and I'm excited to share it with you guys and recieve feedback and help. I have grown outdoors for a few years and decided to try indoors. Bucket Size - 7 gallon smart pots Soil - Fox Farm Ocean Forest with 20% perilite Lights - 300 watt LED & 240 watts of...
  3. remedybcn

    Orange Kush

  4. Greenethumb42

    White Pistols Turning Orange - Starting Week 4 Flower

    I'm not sure if this is normal or not but I noticed some of my white Pistols are turning orange..I think..I have never seen this..I know there supposed to turn orange but I didn't think this early..if anyone has seen this or heard of this can you please help me out..I'm freaking out its so...
  5. S

    Help! Brown-orange spots on leaves

    hello there, the plant is month and week old. i'm using all-mix soil and 600W hps. it looks pretty healty besides some brown\orange spots on some of the leaves ( old and new leaves both). doesnt look like any deficiency on guides... could use some help identify what is the problem. Thank you!
  6. R

    New York: Ulster Pot Dispensary To Open

    Come next week, the medical marijuana dispensary at 445 state Route 28 in the town of Ulster will be open to patients, according to officials at Etain, LLC. The Katonah-based company won state approval in July to grow medical cannabis in Warren County and dispense in the town of Ulster...
  7. T

    Trying to grow mothers but they are flowering

    Blue Berry and Orange Light 3x3 tent 2x 450w Platinum LED veg&bloom on 18/6 foxfarm ocean forest 3gal smart pot water once a week or when dry GH flora trio every 3 weeks mild veg I am trying to grow a blueberry and an orange light mother to clone and plant in my hydro setup. I planted...
  8. P

    Is it normal for white hairs to turn orange from nutrient burn ?

    My early miss auto is 38 days old above soil and i ran in to a few problems. It had to recover from over watering 2 times and most recently nutrient burn. A few of the white hairs turned orange is this from the nutrient burn or from bud development ?
  9. E

    Orange hairs on stem? Help please

    My plant is about 6 weeks and I recently saw these orange hair looking things on her stem. Any idea whether this indicates anything? Female or male? Take a look for me. Thank you in advance :)
  10. bbqribz570

    Orange Kush

    ok, a few months ago, i was living in arizona, probly one of my favorite places on earth, one thing i noticed is there was no such thing as mids or shwag, and the good strains like white widow, multiple variations of kush, purples, basicly anything youve heard of or seen is arround the net was...
  11. Orange

    Orange's 1st (Micro)grow 2010

    Hey guys new to the site! This is my first grow. Here is a little info about it: -Soil- Miracle Grow potting mix -Bagseed -(2) 24" Fluorescent tubes, cool white (Just Added on Feb 13th) -(2) 18" Fluorescent tubes, cool white -on 18/6 for veg -2 weeks in -now in a cabinet about 15"...
  12. OG Kushsta

    A.P.C.C.- Happy Holidays-12-12- Menu- Lowered Donations, Increased Compassion

    Happy Holidays to all our 420Magazine.com freinds! Here is our Newest Menu::smokin2:RoorRip:rollit: Clones Now Available!! Buy 2 Get 1 Free!! ********Clones are 20$ Donation************** -Golden Kush-Master Kush-Platinum-Lavender-Super Silver Haze- Grams and Eighths- Barack O...
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