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    hi guys this is my third grow & my first auto flower grow Im using green posion xl auto from sweet seeds outdoors in balcony my growing soilless medium is coco, peat moss & perlite my container is 50 litre my question is whats the proportion per part of coco, peat moss & perlite? 50 litre...
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    Blue dream washed getting ready to be hung lol
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    More bud sites on TTB @[296555:@Derbybud] she grew today on me lol
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    "Ive made my (tops) bed, and now ill lay on it" :-) Current grow operation , 120 day mark. White Widow summer outdoors grow 2018, SoCal Costal baby
  5. WillieT0813

    Question on germination indoors and growing outdoors

    I need advice on germinating indoors and moving them outdoors later. Can I grow them under a grow light while inside or do i need to set them in front of a window a couple hours in the morning and the same in the afternoon getting them used to sunlight while waiting on the weather to settle in...
  6. J

    First time grow outdoors

    Hey i am a first time grower, outdoors, could anyone help me out on something? ill post pics n stuff if someone replies, thanks ❤
  7. M

    Are these looking close to harvest yet?

    Please advise. My first grow. Three Spiritual Pink. Outdoors, Canada, raised beds with just lots of compost. Are these looking close to harvest? I tried looking at trichomes under a magnifying glass and they look like sugar crystals to me. They look more cloudy than clear I think, but hard to...
  8. D

    New grower in the tropics

    Hi there, I've just received my first seeds from Crop King, inlcuding NYC, Amnesia Haze, Northern Lights, CB Dream and CB Dutch treat. I'm living in the tropics (Panama), its currently wet season so need to do some preparation before planting outdoors. I havent managed to find much...
  9. S

    Blue Dream flowering outdoors - Feels like it's behind

    I have a blue dream i planted in April been outdoors all it's life max temp it's ever had is 92* but in veg stage, it's been flowering about 6-7 weeks and seems like it's behind you can see tricones all over and seems getting thicker but very very slowly
  10. C

    Indoor light cycle for Autos eventually going outdoors

    What is the best light cycle for autoflowering plants being started indoors and being moved outdoors once they are established? I've been keeping them at the same light cycle that I would a photoperiod so they dont flower immediately once moved outdoors but I'm concerned I may be wasting...
  11. F

    First Grow! Autoflower Outdoors UK Any Advice

    This is a Snow Ryder Automatic from White Label Seeds, its being grown outdoors in UK, any advice is greatly appreciated! Day 15 from sprout: Thanks! :thumb:
  12. J

    Attention Socal outdoor growers - When is best time to plant clone outdoors?

    I have a couple clones (Gorilla Glue, OG, and SourD) that are 3 ft tall and would like to place them outside without having to use any form of supplemental lighting. I heard that if you don't time it right, they can go into flower, and then re-veg which would slow down whole process. Please only...
  13. H

    Early planting outdoors light cycles

    This year I'm hoping to get my plants outdoors a couple weeks earlier. Obviously if its earlier there will be less light. Does anyone know what the threshold is for planting outdoors early spring the min hours to stay in veg? 14 hours? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you kindly for...
  14. E

    When do you start seedlings outdoors? Concern of premature flowering

    I've been growing for a few years and am concerned maybe I started too early this season. In the past (last year) I only had a few pre maturely flower. This particular strain was purple storm. Even though it re vegged later, it never produced as much or had luscious growth, my error. All though...
  15. yoda toke

    Growing Indoors Versus Outdoors

    I am a fairly new patient (3 month's) My wife does not want me to grow in the house because of the smell. I understand that, when we visit my brother's house it smells like weed all the time. In Michigan the laws are strict about growing outdoors. It has to be basically locked up. But I have a...
  16. S

    Male or female?

    A few clippings of red diesel...still don't know it's gender yet... Do you?...12 and 12 for a week outdoors now... soaked the whole time with rain..
  17. M

    Murphyslaw From Downunder

    Hi all just a quick intro about myself. Im Murphy, from Australia looking to meet like minded ppl, Luv to grow outdoors but sadly where i was living i couldn't grow outside at the time so i had a 100 pot N.F.T System 75l res, scrubber, 4x1000watt cool tubes ect. Past strains grown, Sharkice...
  18. T

    Grow into winter

    Hey guys and Gals, Christmas is almost upon us and growing the weed in December outdoors is a challenge, let me know if any of you are growing outdoors tell the end???? getting cold and turning purple stuff>>??
  19. W

    12 week outdoor veg - Is this normal?

    Hi! I'm a newbie growing feminized plants for 1st time. I live in a hot Mediterranean climate, average daily max 30°C, min 20°C I planted 3 Northern lights in 11 litre containers outdoors on 20 July. They vegged 50 days and are now flowering. However, one month earlier, I planted 3...
  20. Blondhottie

    Any Fellow Ontarians?

    I am in eastern ontario looking to know when is the ideal growing season for outdoors for my strains moby dick, white widow and bubblegum?
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