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  1. ChronicTrees

    OG x Haze, and Skunk x Haze plants! EXTREMELY strong genetics! Last minute grow! 10th grow!

    I had planted 2 seeds, one OG x Haze, and one Skunk x Haze! Both from Alterego Genetics, extremely strong genetics! I’m feeding Heavy 16, Veg A/Veg B, with Fire Pk, and Roots Pk. I will be feeding Bud A, and Bud B by Heavy 16, once they begin to flower. I’m 3 weeks In so far! Hopefully I can...
  2. 20200821_200432.jpg


    #5 Random up close About 5 days since pistils showed
  3. 20200821_124230.jpg


    #2,3,4 11 weeks from seed
  4. Konks Dirt Empire

    Konk's 1st Grow, ON Canada

    Quarantine crop June 4th, 2020 Ordered Lemon Sapphire seeds from ocs, tap roots exposed and planted into Jiffy peat. June 24~ replanted all into promix HP, removing mesh and burried leggy stems. Moved outdoors July 27th. July 8 ~ day 34 Attempted Fim on 1, 3, 4 and topped 2 July 16~ begin...
  5. 20200517_182115.jpg


    5-17-20 Betty Boo Auto seedlings in 5 gallon fabric pot with Happy Frog soil
  6. Tangie65


    If you look in middle of plant just left of the stem, brown spot was a small type of cicada? They were hanging out on the outdoor Tangie. I never seen any damage from them though. Spider don't care,lol!
  7. IMG_20200601_120338.jpg


    Farthest away white widow then white widow then white og then lemon og candy then Legacy og . Few more to go out still yet.
  8. C

    Ontario Outdoors 2020

    Anybody else from Ontario want to post some pics of what you're growing this year? I'll start Here's my Bakerstreet Blue Widow (really Blue Cheese) Bakerstreet x Unknown Sativa, got a really early start on this one And, finally, Pineapple Express #2.
  9. IMG_20200425_173008.jpg


    Does this view look familiar family
  10. IMG_20200420_123928.jpg


    To add to outdoor run this year
  11. D

    Please help I don't know what's happening to my plants

    Outdoors, end of october, its cold and wet and ive noticed the colour of the buds have changed colour and have noticed mold appearing :( Does anyone know whats happening The strain is lemon haze please help guys
  12. Gorilla Alien From Above

    Gorilla Alien From Above

  13. White Widow From Above

    White Widow From Above

  14. Gorilla Alien

    Gorilla Alien

  15. White Widow

    White Widow

  16. G

    Hi there from N.E.

    I've done a crop outdoors for last 15 years. But this is my first one with autoflower too. So any tips with these would be appreciated. Thanks I wish I found this site sooner very informative and can't reading it
  17. White Widow - 1

    White Widow - 1

  18. Gorilla Alien - 1

    Gorilla Alien - 1

  19. White Widow

    White Widow

  20. Gorilla Alien

    Gorilla Alien

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