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  1. Ron Strider

    Medical Marijuana Is About To Become More Accessible In Malta

    Malta's law regulating medical marijuana is about to become less restricted, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has announced. "Cabinet will start discussing changes to the law regulating medical marijuana in November," Muscat told a media briefing yesterday. "It is only when we update the law on...
  2. D

    New and looking for medical tips!

    Hey there, new to indoor gardening but have been growing food outside for years. This is my first grow and isn't for personal use - I'm growing for a friend with ALS who has had success with "alternative" therapies and we're looking to throwing some MMJ into the regimen if/where appropriate. My...
  3. O

    How do you do?

    New member here. Currently an outdoor grower, just for personal use.
  4. Ron Strider

    NZ: Green Party Highlights Policy On Growing And Possessing Cannabis For Personal Use

    The Green Party is highlighting its policy to allow adults to grow and possess cannabis for personal use with new "420" campaign stickers. The "420 Reasons to Vote Green" stickers come as the Green Party promotes itself as the most likely to push for meaningful drug law reforms. National...
  5. G

    Epic Indoor & Outdoor Adventure Of A Pot Plant

    Well, first let me start by saying I am an epileptic and anything you see grown in this journal is for personal use only. I am registered with the necessary medical authorities so I believe this journal is a record of a legal grow. I started with some purported blueberry seeds. I didn't...
  6. Ron Strider

    CA: Why Challenge Of Fontana's Marijuana Cultivation Regulation Is Appropriate

    Earlier this year, the Fontana City Council set out to become the most restrictive city with regard to personal cultivation of marijuana. Under Proposition 64, adults aged 21 or older are free to grow up to six marijuana plants in their own home for personal use. Through the initiative, local...
  7. flytier

    Do You Know Any Cannabis Know-it-alls?

    Ok, so I work with a couple guys who've grown in the past. One grew outdoors for personal use and the other grew large-scale indoors for, let's say, other than personal use. One is completely convinced that if I don't follow his word to the letter, I'm doomed to failure (and he swears up and...
  8. E

    Does anyone, especially from Colorado, have any advice to us Canadians?

    As most of anyone knows who pays attention to the news has hear from one point or another that Canada is about to join the list of legal weed. Which of course goes without saying that is a big change. While I think this is great in general as a whole, I have my concerns on how our government...
  9. C


    Hay everyone, what are the top 10 counties in Ca. to grow medical of personal use Pot. Thanks, Clup out.
  10. C

    SB-105 - It's not perfect but it's a step in the right direction

    so sb 105 just passed the first step only 2 more to go in a nutshell it makes a half oz or under for personal use a 300 fine no jail time heres to hopeing it gets passed
  11. K

    PEI: Islanders Evenly Split On Recreational Marijuana, Poll Shows

    A recent poll found that 46 per cent of Islanders support legalizing marijuana for personal use. The study, conducted by public opinion and market research company Corporate Research Associates, asked 1,502 residents from the Atlantic provinces if they support or oppose the legalization of...
  12. C

    State Blames 'Human Error' For Release Of Personal Information In Marijuana Case

    Seattle - Human error is being blamed for the inadvertent release of personal information in a public disclosure request made by a marijuana advocate, who then posted the information online. In May, John Novack, chief editor of 420leaks.com, filed a public disclosure request with the Washington...
  13. G

    Just little ol' me in the Pacific Northwest

    Just found this site and am very happy to find like minded friends here. I'm 65, been "involved" since I was 17. My gateway drug was and is MJ. Not into alcohol. Many years and many surgeries later, I still am Pharma free (except while in the hospital recovering from surgery) Been around the...
  14. N

    New guy from up North - Just saying hello

    Glad to be part of a huge movement and what I can learn from the many years of experience here. Haven't grown one plant, and seeking knowledge and tips for a very small tiny grow. All for personal, as I am looking for more of a health product to thrive on. Anyways. Happy 420 everyone!!
  15. R

    Divided Simi Valley Council Bans Personal Cultivation Of Medical Marijuana

    A divided Simi Valley City Council on Monday night adopted an ordinance that bans the personal cultivation of medical marijuana. The vote was 3-2, with Mayor Bob Huber and council members Keith Mashburn and Glen Beccera favoring the ban. Council members Mike Judge and Steve Sojka voted...
  16. R

    CA: Atascadero Planning Commission Talks Medical Marijuana Cultivation

    Atascadero is going back to the drawing board to reconsider a recent ban on all medical marijuana cultivation. That drawing board, however, is a bit small. On March 1, the city Planning Commission considered a draft ordinance that would permit limited personal cultivation within the city. The...
  17. R

    Simi Valley Council Moves To Ban Personal Cultivation Of Medical Marijuana

    Despite impassioned, sometimes angry pleas from medical marijuana advocates to allow personal cultivation of the plant, a divided Simi Valley City Council this week took the first step to ban it. The council introduced an ordinance after about 25 speakers implored it in a sometimes raucous...
  18. R

    Simi Valley City Council Reverses Course, Will Now Ban Personal Cultivation Of MMJ

    The Simi Valley City Council has reversed course and now will join most other cities in Ventura County in banning personal cultivation of medical marijuana. The council introduced an ordinance Jan. 11 that called for allowing personal cultivation by qualified patients. Under California...
  19. R

    Israel: Likud MK's Bill Urges Cannabis Decriminalization

    MK Sharren Haskel says more than a million Israelis occasionally use cannabis and that decriminalization for personal use over the age of 21 will free up funds to be reallocated for education and public information campaigns. Attempts to move towards decriminalization of cannabis use in...
  20. B

    Hello from sunny UK

    I'm a small scale grower that grows only for personal reasons, please to meet you all:welcome:
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