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    HELP! Any suggestions on how to get rid of pest? xO

    Just yesturday i have discovered that my plants are getting little small bugs/pests. I have seen myself small little tiny white looking bugs under the fan leaves of the plants. below i will post pictures of some signs that my plants might have other kinds of pest aswell. I have done some...
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    Green shield big or stink bud
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    forest tent caterpillar invasion
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    forest tent caterpillar invasion
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    forest tent caterpillar invasion
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    forest tent caterpillar invasion-June oak leaves eaten
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    forest tent caterpillar invasion
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    forest tent caterpillar invasion
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    What strains to grow in Lahore, Pakistan?

    It's summertime here in Lahore. Temperatures go up to 50°C with monsoon rains coming in July and August. Summers start from April and Autumn comes in late October. The real problem here is the excessive heat in summers. The variation in the temperature is quite high. It gets cold in winters and...
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