HELP! Any suggestions on how to get rid of pest? xO


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Just yesturday i have discovered that my plants are getting little small bugs/pests. I have seen myself small little tiny white looking bugs under the fan leaves of the plants. below i will post pictures of some signs that my plants might have other kinds of pest aswell. I have done some research and read some ways to get rid of them but i want to ask the 420 magazine community for any suggestions or organc ways i could do to get rid of them? please feel free to leave comments . One love!


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Ill be looking into getting neem oil & spinosad thank you guys for you suggestions!

Below i have uploaded images of the things that are on my plants. lmk what you guys think. Thank you guys once again !


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The plants are small enough that if a circle was cut and fitted around the stalk and pushed down onto the soil surface to hold the roots in, you could mix up your pest soloution in a bucket and dip the entire plant in it upside down pull it out after a few seconds and let it dry= no missed area on the plant, stalk or leaf surface. The black is either their droppings or where the leaf is dying from an egg being laid.
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I think u have miners!!!!
I am tired with all those bugs and i have in my store small bottles of any bug.
If i see signs to fight it early.
Check out for leaf miners.
Easy to get rid.
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