1. S

    Black pistils on dried buds

    Jist got done drying my last crop, a mix of master Kush and another unknown strain. Yielded 20oz dried from 6 plants under 1 1000w light. Noticed that a few of my buds from the master kush plant had its pistils turn black while drying. Dried at 22c and about 50% humidity for a week they are now...
  2. F

    Is it a male? Advice please!

    Okay so this showed up a couple days ago not sure what to think Also today i was inspecting my plant as we do trying to look for any progress on sex and im pretty sure that i noticed pistils growing behind the new branch growths on the bigger side branches i am currently awaiting...
  3. D

    Newb - First grow, almost harvest? Need some feedback pls

    Hi All - i am in Denver and have my first plant grow ever ;) Was looking for some advice on what you guys think as far as harvest time - i am on day 55 of flowering (12/12) and the breeder recomends 60 days Some pics are below - please let me know what you think, this forum has been...
  4. S

    harvest help

    So I just got a scope, thought i was a few weeks out but have an average of 90% cloudy/ milky trichs with the rest split between cloudy and amber.. Very few (5% or less) pistils have turned. My quandry is that i dont know the exact strain.. Its super/ sour Lemon haze/ skunk.. Im at 49 days right...
  5. shuffledemon

    Pistils as indicators for maturity? No

    I hear people talk about pistil color and condition as indicators of plant maturity. Well, don't. It doesn't work. You need your magnifier and perspective of your trichome color. Without that you just have guesswork. Take a look at these. Which one looks more mature? If you...
  6. ItsTimmyMan

    Bloom booster timing? Wrong booster?

    Hey everyone, I hate to be the one to ask the repetitive question, but I've been searching and SEARCHING with no answer for days. I've gone out to buy a high phosphorus and potassium mix for flowering, and come back with this: N-P-K 15-6-25 Is this the right stuff for the stage I'm at? It was...
  7. H

    What to do with male female plant?

    So I had this male. Didn't know it was a male, cloned "mother" during veg, and set the clone to flower. As soon as sacs appeared, I pulled the "mother," who I will be referring to as father hence forth. Little male clone in flowering room, TOTALLY secluded from other females, in order...
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