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So I just got a scope, thought i was a few weeks out but have an average of 90% cloudy/ milky trichs with the rest split between cloudy and amber.. Very few (5% or less) pistils have turned. My quandry is that i dont know the exact strain.. Its super/ sour Lemon haze/ skunk.. Im at 49 days right now.. Obviously a sativa dominant strain so thinking that pulling soon would be best as it is a sativa and higher thc strain not cbd. I harvested one of these last round at 54 days with aprox. 70% amber pistils and it was a knockout couch sitter. Coco with 3part GH + silica and cal mag, no flush yet. Would love to hear your thoughts, thanks!
When your inspecting the Trichomes, are you looking on the actual bud as opposed to trichomes on fan leaves?
They mature at different rates, the best way to gauge trichome colour is to look on sections of the buds, at different parts of each bud, and also at different sections of the plants top middle lower.
Stick to what your doing by gauging harvest by trichome colour, dont worry about pistil colours because that is not a good way to judge maturity.
Also, why not try harvesting earlier for a more euphoric energizing happy uplifting buzz? Considering you have already done so the other "couch locking" way...
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Yes, looking at trichomes on the buds only.. 2 out of 6 look further along than others.. thinking about experimenting with flush vs non-flush and different harvest time with the full crop
I friend of mine had great success with harvesting sections at a time, his main colas matured first so he harvested the top section, which opened light up for the mid section for a couple weeks fatening up those buds then he harvested the mid section then the lower.
I haven't tried it myself yet, I get too anxious.