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  1. Rainbow Jones whole plant

    Rainbow Jones whole plant

    Rainbow Jones ending week 6 flowering
  2. Rainbow jones

    Rainbow jones

  3. P

    Advice on trichomes

    Hi, I am having trouble working out if my trichomes are still clear or turning opaque and if the amber head means it is time to harvest. Any advice would be appreciated :) Jo
  4. Northern Lights Trichomes.jpg

    Northern Lights Trichomes.jpg

    Day 63 Trichomes
  5. Matanuska.jpg


    Day 63
  6. Matanuska Trichomes.jpg

    Matanuska Trichomes.jpg

    Day 63 Trichomes
  7. Insomnia Trichomes.jpg

    Insomnia Trichomes.jpg

    Day 77 Trichomes
  8. Insomnia Trichomes.jpg

    Insomnia Trichomes.jpg

    Day 70 Trichs
  9. Insomnia Trichomes 1.jpg

    Insomnia Trichomes 1.jpg

    Day 70 Trichs
  10. Insomnia Trichomes.jpg

    Insomnia Trichomes.jpg

    Day 63 Trichomes
  11. T

    Clear or Milky Trichomes?

    Pretty much have to chop her today. Will there be any quality?
  12. H

    Are my plant ready to start my flush for harvest?

    So I’ve got 2 different strains in my tent which I thought they were both the same when I acquired the clones but oh well , I still believe they both are 8 week flower, I am on my 8th week of flower tomorrow. I’m growing in coco and under 660w hps - temps 28-30 humidity 45-60. Just need any...
  13. T

    Should I harvest? First grow

    N Lights autoflower. End of week 8. Do not have a magnifier. Very few white pistols. Tricombs look cloudy, but with photos can’t really tell if any are amber.
  14. 3562AE1C-435F-418C-BC2F-670E0FE07516.jpeg


    Extremely frosty nug!
  15. S

    Should I flush?

    *sigh* I know this probably isn't the first time someone asks this but damn I just cant get my head around it. So this is my autoflower (auto blue diesel) and it's reaching the end of flower. I want to flush a week before harvest but I cant tell when she's ready for it. I know I have to look at...
  16. R

    White or transparent trichomes? Pics

    Hello everyone, this is my first crop, I have been in bloom for 7 weeks, I would like to know if an experienced grower can give me light on how this plant is going, if I should make a flush or how much more I should wait to harvest. I would appreciate your help, thanks.
  17. D


    How do these look to you?
  18. Hps 150w grow

    Hps 150w grow

    First grow ever :)
  19. First grow and on budget

    First grow and on budget

    Diy grow box first grow under 150w hps flower (veged under 200w cfl grow light)
  20. T

    Looped trichomes?

    sorry it's not a very good picture, but doesn't it look like that trichome has a loop on the end of it? I did some research and I can't find anything. Has anyone else seen this happen or is there a name for it? I've looked at all the different types and none of them are known to loop. At least...
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