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  1. D

    Trichome Maturity

    The strain is Pineapple Chunk. It’s a clone from my last grow. She is growing in FoxFarm Ocean Forest/Happy Frog/perlite mix soil in a 3 gallon fabric pot. Under 425 Watt Vero29 Gen7 Cob LEDs. Temp is about 81-82 35-38 RH with lights on and 73-74 41-45 RH with lights off. She is half way through...
  2. A

    Trichomes! Clear or cloudy?

    Are trichomes in the picture cloudy? Or they’re clear yet?
  3. Third Coast Cultivators

    Weed Fraud

    Hello brothers and sisters, I wanted to pass along a warning from Vice news. Labs are taking pay offs to falsify reports. This is vary scary because labs test for a lot of things, some harmful, pesticides, mold, mildew, fungus, parasites ECT... so you really don't know what your getting. Vice...
  4. Wonder Woman is Ready

    Wonder Woman is Ready

    Last week's teaster
  5. SomangoXXL 1st Test Nug

    SomangoXXL 1st Test Nug

    Mostly clear with a chance of cloudy
  6. Close-up of Bubblelicious

    Close-up of Bubblelicious

    Day 44 of 12/12
  7. Momma’s Kitchen

    Trichomes disappearing?

    Ok sooo I’ve noticed my trichomes are disappearing on some plant (Durban Poison) W8 Bloom. I had some heat issues, AC busted, what do I do for them to come back??? The ones that are there are small and smoky. The room is fine now and temps are good but is the damaged happened irreversible...
  8. 9782 BB close up.jpg

    9782 BB close up.jpg

    Close up of Blueberry Trichomes
  9. K

    Harvest Time Question

    I am looking for help in predicting the future growth and harvest time for my plants. I am just finishing my 8th week of flowering. For the purpose of me counting weeks, I considered flipping to 12/12 transition 24/7 light and 36 hours dark at the end the first week rather than the first week...
  10. T

    Trichome color versus inherit Sativa & Indica effects?

    Just curious about this, as everywhere I read, the more amber colored trichomes, the more of a couch-lock/Indica high you will feel. Versus having mostly milky colored, and a few scattered ambers which would result in more of a Sativa high. But, doesn't the inherit DNA make the crucial...
  11. GDTG

    No yellowing of leaves during harvest

    Hey guys am I doing something wrong I'm on my last week of flush and my leafs aren't yellowing my trichomes are like 70% milky and 30% amber
  12. N

    Trichomes Color

    I'm working on my second grow, first one of white widow autos went well but I had to harvest early and the results were just "ok". This time I'm growing 2 blue diesel, 2 gorilla glue , and 1 skunk, all of which are autos. Plants are doing fine but I'm having a hard time with figuring out the...
  13. S

    Are they ready to harvest? First time grower

    Are plants are Sunset sherbert we are almost to the 8th week of flowering. flower period 7 to 9 weeks. Most all of the pistils are orange, the trichomes are milky with a few Amber. Damn I don't see how to add our pictures to the thread?
  14. S

    11 weeks from 12/12 switch - Still loads of white hairs

    Hi, This is my first grow. Growing with coco perlite mix and using dutch pro nutrients. I switched to 12/12 11 weeks ago, The first sign of flowers was about 2 weeks after that. I still have a serious amount of white hairs. Is that normal? I have attached a photo of as good as I can get of...
  15. Why Doe

    Waited too long to harvest?

    Okay so she is an auto blueberry not even 2 months old. I was kinda waiting to check the trichomes based off age and how the plant looked. Since some of the colas are barley even fat, the pistils are still shooting straight out, and the leaves are still healthy green i figured I got plenty of...
  16. DieselX

    Harvest time yet?

    Hi ladies and gents, wondering if you could help my out please. I have 3 white widow x bubblegum that i grew from seeds, planted 25th march and started 12/12 on the 3rd June. Ive managed to get some close ups of the trichomes but i can tell for the life of me if they are a couple weeks...
  17. nobodyhere

    Help - Plant close to death? Trichome check?

    I have an Auto BB that is rated at 70-75 days. It's under Cobs @ 160w and we are at day 69. I had pH pen that was not correctly calibrated. Hence the nute issues. Anyways, since then I have flushed about 2 days ago and have given flawless finish. 1. What happens when a plant kicks over and...
  18. N

    Trichomes - Clear to Cloudy timeframe?

    Stupid question time (the only type I ask, it seems) Can anyone tell me, roughly, how long it takes for trichomes to go from clear to cloudy, and then from cloudy to amber? (On White Widows / Dark Angels from CKS, under a 1000w HPS) I know this is VERY plant specific, but all I want is a sort...
  19. T

    Close up pics of trichomes - Should I start chopping?

    Day 56 since switching to 12/12. 4 different strains. Cookies Kush, Northern Lights x Big Bud, Hash Bomb, medi bomb. The pictures of the trichomes were taken today. There are a couple of bud shots from a few days ago. Do you think these are ready to come down? Any help greatly appreciated...
  20. Shadowspawne

    The Beautiful World of Trichomes!

    Here are some really interesting (if just for me) pics of my trichomes. I am fascinated how these little buggers act on us as they do. Not just the psychoactive effects, but the long list of possitive medical uses. Here are a few of the pics of what we are all looking to grow, cultivate and...
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