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    Should I harvest? First grow

    N Lights autoflower. End of week 8. Do not have a magnifier. Very few white pistols. Tricombs look cloudy, but with photos can’t really tell if any are amber.
  2. 3562AE1C-435F-418C-BC2F-670E0FE07516.jpeg


    Extremely frosty nug!
  3. S

    Should I flush?

    *sigh* I know this probably isn't the first time someone asks this but damn I just cant get my head around it. So this is my autoflower (auto blue diesel) and it's reaching the end of flower. I want to flush a week before harvest but I cant tell when she's ready for it. I know I have to look at...
  4. R

    White or transparent trichomes? Pics

    Hello everyone, this is my first crop, I have been in bloom for 7 weeks, I would like to know if an experienced grower can give me light on how this plant is going, if I should make a flush or how much more I should wait to harvest. I would appreciate your help, thanks.
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    How do these look to you?
  6. Hps 150w grow

    Hps 150w grow

    First grow ever :)
  7. First grow and on budget

    First grow and on budget

    Diy grow box first grow under 150w hps flower (veged under 200w cfl grow light)
  8. T

    Looped trichomes?

    sorry it's not a very good picture, but doesn't it look like that trichome has a loop on the end of it? I did some research and I can't find anything. Has anyone else seen this happen or is there a name for it? I've looked at all the different types and none of them are known to loop. At least...
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    To clean or not to clean?
  10. Dutchman1990

    Dutchman’s Eternal Frost Factory

    Dutchman’s Eternal Frost Factory Well hello again friends and family! It has come time once again for another journal but this one will be my forever home here on 420mag! I will be showcasing and displaying my Perpetual garden in this journal which includes my full lineup of Pheno hunted and...
  11. R

    Harvest yet?

    So I've been reading online a bunch..some say don't worry about the trichomes some say it's important.. some say wait till the pistils are 50 to 60% Brown and most of the trichomes are cloudy...some say pistils 60 to 75% with trichomes cloudy and few amber. I have up to 80 to 90% pistils brown...
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    Learning about trichomes.
  13. derek910

    White Widow Trichomes Time Remaining

    What do y’all think? 3-4 Days for all the clear to turn milky? It’s a White Widow grown from clone in FoxFarm Ocean Forrest/Happy Frog mix with FoxFarm nutrients. Today is day 1 of Week 10 since I first saw pistils. I’m not really going for any percentage of amber. Just waiting until all the...
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  17. Purple trichs!

    Purple trichs!

    Cheese near harvest turning purple after a few cooler nights
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    White Widow, 8th week of flowering: Trichome and bud pics!

    Here are the pics of our main White Widow buds and trichomes! We are less than 3 days from entering the 8th week of flowering, our final week before we plan to harvest! Do you think we're on-track for harvesting in a week?
  19. F6DFF7F3-4805-4C8C-902F-F5639EEBBA20.jpeg


    Trichomes all over Hanna’s body Week 8. 5/25/19
  20. T

    White Widow: Is my bud ready for harvest yet? 90%+ pistils amber

    Greetings Everyone! This is my first grow and I've been growing some white widows. The plant is week 7 into flowering and almost all of the bottom buds have 100% amber pistils. The buds on the top of the canopy still have about 10% of white pistils. The size of the bud is still pretty small. I...
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