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  1. P


    Hi I was wondering if I pollinate one bud on my female will my whole plant produce seeds or do I have to pollinate the whole thing to produce seeds
  2. luvsmokinweed

    Can 2 males, each a different strain, pollinate 1 female, also a dif. strain?

    Is it possible to cross three different strains in on breed? Can two males pollinate one female and will the seeds be a cross of all three different strains in one?
  3. QnxGanja

    Safe pollination and handling of pollen

    Hey folks! There are several questions I would like to ask and I hope someone who really knows quite a deal will answer it :) Sorry if there already are answers to my questions, in this case you might just link to them, I will be thankful :) The first one would be, how do you safely handle...
  4. U

    Yellow Flower Immature Plant, outdoor-indoor transplant

    Hello I recently transplanted several wild plants from outdoor to indoor to try my thumb at indoor growing. These plants are very immature maybe 8-10 cm tall. The tallest of these plants has developed a yellow flower despite a 24 hour light cycle. Questions: Male? Pollinated female...
  5. DownOver

    Late flower pollination

    Hi everyone, My question is this. I have a female outdoor, 80 days old, and Im looking to use some pollen from a male, from my indoor grow. Is it too late to pollinate, or, will it create later flowering plants? Any advice would be great.
  6. fineas

    Days 49 of 12/12

    I need some advice about pollinated flowers. Here are the stats of the grow thus far. HP grow E&F garden 2clones from a previous all female grow. 2 grown from seed .About 6 weeks ago one of the seed plants turned out to be a male. I removed him and went to the compost pile. Mostly indy...