1. Ron Strider

    Marijuana Use During Pregnancy: Here's How Much It Has Risen

    Just because it's legal (or becoming legal), doesn't mean that you should do it during pregnancy. This applies to eating raw shellfish and soft cheeses, rubbing used kitty litter on your face, and smoking pot. But a study just published in JAMA found that marijuana use among pregnant women in...
  2. Ron Strider

    Can Medical Marijuana Help With Morning Sickness

    Most women–up to 90 percent by some reckoning–experience some nausea or vomiting during pregnancy. Up to two percent of them suffer from the life-threatening condition hyperemesis gravidarum, which is super morning sickness. One of the oldest medical uses of cannabis was obstetric, both to...
  3. K

    Cleaning my system before my baby is born

    Hi, I'm 34 weeks pregnant and I started to smoke pot because I read it helps with nausea and pain. I did work pretty good for me but I've been judged by many ignorants for this. I stop smoking a week ago because my midwife who hasn't helped at all with any of my problems or discomforts said that...
  4. B

    Pregnancy and Medical Marijuana...Is it legal?

    Hello, I'm pregnant and I've been hospitalized for Hypermesis Grivadorum which is a extreme form of morning sickness. Only 2% of pregnant women are affected by this. I had a medical card before but let it expire sometime back. After I was let out of the hospital, after losing a total of...
  5. B

    Medical MJ and Pregnancy Laws in CA

    Hello, I read a thread here about the TRUTH of women and MJ for severe morning sickness. I've been hospitalized and am on bed rest. I've taken the docs pills but nothing works as well as 2 ganja cookies a day. I am able to hold down my food therefore keep ketones (which can kill the baby) out...
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