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Pregnancy and Medical Marijuana...Is it legal?


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I'm pregnant and I've been hospitalized for Hypermesis Grivadorum which is a extreme form of morning sickness. Only 2% of pregnant women are affected by this.
I had a medical card before but let it expire sometime back.
After I was let out of the hospital, after losing a total of 14lbs, and continously passing ketones due to dehydration. I decided to turn to edibles.
I live in California and have no idea if CPS will get involved because of my MJ use.
I have read conflicting stories...Lots of women on here have spoken on tokin during pregnancy and never mentioned interference with the law.
I also read a study on the affects of children from MJ mothers, and using MJ as medicine for. MS. Let me be clear that I have been prescribed medication for the sickness. Not only did it not work,not allow me to eat, but the meds also carried high risks for birth defects.
I understand this is a touchy issue. However, I'm looking for honest knowledge and advice about the LAWS!
I have had family members tell me if I obtain a new MJ card id be protected is this true? And could you please provide any links on the topic?
I thank you all so much!


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You are breaking the Law! If you are truly ill seek a Dr's reccommendation to alleviate this very sensitive issue. Your primary care or OB-GYN Dr must address this issue and you must follow their orders or risk serious harm to yourself and your child. While Marijuana has many beneficial uses it's use is governed by Laws that we must follow or pay the consequences for. If you continue to use MMJ without a License you also risk your child's health and safety. The State will take the child at the hospital and press charges on you. Your baby's first days will be spent with foster parents or in State Care somewhere without you. Get to the Dr and follow their orders.
Your physician can legally reccommend Medical Marijuana for you while pregnant and monitor all concerns but you must level with the Dr. and say everything leaving it for them to determine why you use Marijuana.
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