1. K

    Slight peel of stalk while pinching off leaf

    Hello cannabis lovers, I was punching off a lower leaf today and while doing so, I slightly peeled the skin of the stalk. It was a bottom leaf, it was very slight, like not even a toothpick width for about a 1/4 inch. It didn’t separate so I just pressed it back into place. While this be alright?
  2. Screenshot_20200829_205823.jpg


    How to prune a plant
  3. T

    Should I prune and thin before flower?

    I'm growing GSc and bubblelishis under a 600w hps and a 600 w led in a 2xx5x6 tent. I need to switch to bloom asap due to hight limitations. Itinned and pruned 4 days ago and the have exploded since then. Should I prune andexfoliate and thin. And how long is recover time. Thanks for reading
  4. George Mc

    Is it okay for me to prune?

    Is it okay to prune the girls? The plants are about 7 weeks old and they are two weeks into 12 / 12.
  5. vyserage

    6 days into flowering - What to prune? Video

    i know to prune the very bottom nodes below all main cola's if you've topped (which i have 8 main cola's and no growth below them) as well as some fan leaves if they are shadowing too much. I also know some people prune 3 week's into flowering as the final prune and some up to 2 weeks into...
  6. D

    Greek Kalamata sativa - Guidance needed

    My first attempt has come to a point where advice will be appreciated.End of August,first photo, plants sitting at 3 ft,I felt I had to prune some of the leaves.Too big.The result is as it stands at 4 1/2 ft,flowering.Organically grown up to now, and natural, but not direct,sun.What am I to do...
  7. 2

    Yahoo - I'm in

    I am on My 4th grow and each time the crop gets better. I have a half dozen years perfecting tomatoes and peppers in the mountains so that may have helped. I know a lot of people swear by micro managing their obsession to perfect their weed. I grow in soil 40/60 with coir. I get very fine...
  8. X

    do they look good / do i need to prune?

    Hi, Someone can point me out if they my white cookie feminized looks fine for now please?. do i need to prune them? if yes, tell me what i need to remove please i took the picture this morning may 25 2017 and i plant the inital seed in water april 9 2017. They are 18 hours under 600 MH...
  9. P

    Pruned 4 days ago, can i 12 12 tonight?

    I pruned my scrog plants on saturday, i planned to wait until sunday to switch to 12 12, but these plants bounced back from the prune and are exploding. I can see now i waited to long to prune, i was off on my estimate but hey its my first time growinq and the scrog net is gonna be 100% full if...
  10. B


    When is the best time to prune you plants
  11. R

    Professional - Please - Opinions On Pruning?

    Broke my wrist this year and had some setbacks as far as timing to when I would normally prune my girls. These are outdoor girls. I've been doing an insane amount of reading over the past week, and I really want to know from EXPERIENCED GROWERS ONLY, the following: 1. Will pruning right...
  12. ZaineFyrBlaz

    Trimming, or taming question

    Ok here my info on the grow Bag seed of unknown origin or strain. Outdoor grow with only humus drain and light guano nute About 2-3 weeks into flower stage, topped into two main branches Growing in a 5 gal bucket with drainage hole in bottom, and air holes in sides. Question: I...
  13. Konvict

    Week 6

    Hey guys, i got some plants going and i wanted to know when i should prune the tops of them... i have a very limited height space so i need them to be super bushy, and i dont really have time or funds to make a SCroG set up... they are currently beginning week 6 and have gone through the first...
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