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Defoliation is an advanced technique guaranteed to add at least a month to your grow. Those who take this extra time seem to claim that they get more yield from their plants. Over time, without defoliation and normal grow times, I think that I outgrow most defoliators... I will never endorse this practice. I also know that artificially extending out the lifespan of our plants can cause stress and some plants will hermi at the end to reward us for all the extra effort. Again, I don't think that defoliation is worth the trouble.

Lollipopping is simply cleaning up a plant in mid flower to get more light to the active buds. There is a natural lull period at about week 5 that I think is perfect for this, and I do go in and clean up the yellowing fan leaves and those in the way of lower buds getting maximum light.

Pruning to me is what you do in late veg to get ready for flower. Anything below the penetration line of your lights should be cleaned up and removed. My stalks are bare going into flower, at least 6 or 8 inches from the soil line.

Don't confuse this with "training." Training by pruning is a special kind of pruning to remove the upper growth tips, causing them to branch out or double at each cutting point, and causing hormones in the plant to stimulate the lower and side growth. I do this with every plant that I grow.


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thats a clear answer from above although i dissagree about defoliation.

when you talk about pruning it depends what you are pruning for. are you trying to cut back plants to stop them being bushy or is it for height control or to open up the bud sites for more light? timing is important and it makes a difference if you are soil or hydro as recovery times differ. if you are more specific to what you want to achieve i think you would get more specific advice.
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