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    GDP (2).jpg

    Icemuds Grand Daddy Purple cut strain genetics.
  2. GDP (1).jpg

    GDP (1).jpg

    Icemuds Grand Daddy Purple cut strain genetics.
  3. Momma's Kitchen

    You Pick! Peyote Cookie, Shiva Skunk, Blue Chemo, Thai Lights, El Jefe, Purps, Blueberry, Gods Green Crack, Durban Poison

    YOU PICK WHICH ONE I WILL PLANT OUTSIDE! THE PLANT THAT GETS THE MOST VOTES TO PLANT OUTSIDE I WILL DO! Then journal Which one would you plant outside now? I live in BC, Canada. Closer to the water than inland. Weather is still colder at nights, and still chance of raining periods. I have...
  4. Purpsmagurps

    Purps' Perpetual: DIY 800W & 350W LED, 9x6, COCO/DTW & RDWC

    Hello 420MAG, Getting ready for a record run here, starting to warm up so my garage grow room is being cleaned out. got my air stones all cleaned, about to take apart my dwc buckets and scrub them. will be replacing my 1 inch bulkheads with 2 inch pvc pipe bulkheads so I dont clog. I have a 4...
  5. M

    AK-47 - Purps - Train Wreck x Hash Plant

    Only have a lil bit left of these. So I wanted to get some photos before I smoke them. All smoked proper, but the tw x hp was the best out of the three. Check em out AKs I cracked this one open so you can see inside Purps Train Wreck x Hash Plant
  6. Jackalope

    Seed King Purps

    Has anyone run Seed King genetics? I have received a bunch of new Hybrids bred off of a Seed King Purps male. The strain had great plant structure and good internode spacing which is the main reason for the crosses. All I know of the Seed King Purps is that it is a mostly green Purps strain.
  7. livetoskate81

    4 Kali Kush x Mendocino Purps & 2 Unknowns

    STRAIN - 4 Kali Kush x Mendocino Purps - 2 Unknown Seeds From a grower friend MEDIUM - Magic Dirt potting soil with Scotts Hyponex potting soil Mixed together ( I had 2 half bags of different soil so what the hell) :) NEUTREINTS - FF Trio - Grow Big , Big Bloom , Tiger Bloom , Episome...
  8. F

    Fopho's 2nd Grow - Ace of Spades - Da Purps & Platinum Blue Dream

    Veg or Flower- 2nd week of flower Medium- Happy Frog & Ocean forest 50/50 mix Lights- 1000w eye hortilux super hps Ballast- 1000w Quantum Series switchable power settings 50,75,100% Hood- 8" air cooled xxl by C.A.P Exhaust- 8" max can fan Bucket size- 3gal. Strains- Ace of Spades, Da...
  9. Tokehontas

    400W - 5 Red Purps - 1 Lemon Kush - 4 Bag Seed

    Hello and welcome to my thread. I will be growing Female Seeds: Red Purps(5)& Lemon Kush(1) also 4 BagSeed. This will be my first attempt at indoor growing. Any Feedback is appreciated and welcome as I am new to indoor growing. I do not have much of set-up but I do not feel as though I need...
  10. treezzz

    Treezzz 1st Grow - Bag Seed - White Widow in Soil

    hey everyone. I've been reading the how to grow section of this site and several grow journals over the last couple weeks in preparation for my first grow. I have already learned so much and thank you to everyone who has contributed priceless information that will hopefully keep me from making...
  11. psyence

    Psyence 1st Ebb & Flow of Purple Kush & the Purps 2010

    Indoor Ebb and Flow Hydroponic w/ Fox Farm Grow Big, Tiger Bloom, and Big Bloom nutrients in a 30 gallon reservoir using 6" rockwool cubes and a ScrOG Strains: 16 Purple Kush (left) and 16 of the Purps (right) Flowering: 2 weeks in Lights: 400 watt HPS (left) and 400 watt MH (right)...
  12. L

    2nd Grow Grand Daddy Purps,Purple Lavender, Platinum OG

    Ok I built a tent with PVC pipes, and Panda film, and Black duct tape I have 2-Grand Daddy Purps 2-Platinum OG 1-Purple Lavender I bought these at different collectives as clones. I am running a 400W ushio Metal Halide Bulb for veg 400W ushio Super High Pressure Sodium bulb...
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