1. Ron Strider

    WA: Cannabis City - Seattle's First Cannabis Shop

    We asked James Lathrop, founder and owner of Cannabis City, Seattle's first pot shop, about his business. Here is what he had to say: Q: When did you open your retail store? A: I founded Cannabis City in November 2014 and put in an application for a Seattle License (which was awarded by...
  2. Ron Strider

    WA: Seattle Drops $1,000 Fine Against Marijuana Celebration

    Seattle has dropped a $1,000 fine against the nonprofit organization that runs HempFest, the annual summer marijuana celebration. The city accused Seattle Events, also known as HempFest Central, of operating a marijuana business without a license in a citation in June. The citation stemmed...
  3. Katelyn Baker

    WA: Senior Citizens Take Field Trip To Seattle Marijuana Dispensary

    Seattle — Grandma and grandpa took a field trip to a Seattle area pot shop to learn about a drug which for many in the United States is still illegal. On Thursday, Vela Cannabis in Sodo hosted Cannabis 101 for a group of eight seniors from Sound Vista Village in Gig Harbor. They saw the...
  4. G

    What part of the Seattle/Tacoma area is the best to live

    Looking to make the move from Atlanta to Seattle trying to find a place reasonable but also has stuff do close by shops, bars, restaurants, etc. maybe a suggestion on a marijuana friendly neighborhood, I'm 27 so maybe somewhere where everyone's NOT older and retired. I don't know anything cool...
  5. Katelyn Baker

    Downtown Seattle Finally Has Legal Weed Stores

    The dealer at Victor Steinbrueck Park who says "This is legal marijuana!" is wrong, but the two state-licensed marijuana stores now open in the core of downtown Seattle are right on the money. Have a Heart, between First Avenue and Second Avenue on Blanchard Street, and Herban Legends, at...
  6. R

    Marijuana Legalization 2016: Could Cannabis Home Delivery Services Come To Seattle?

    There's no shortage of home delivery services, with apps for everything from groceries to alcohol to condoms, and some areas have another product under discussion for doorstep delivery: marijuana. In Seattle, lawmakers are pushing a bill that would legalize cannabis home delivery services...
  7. R

    Seattle: 14-Day Notice Shocks Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

    The CPC in Georgetown has served thousands of patients since 2010. It works with hospitals, specializing in hard-to-find treatments for chronic disease, cancer, seizures and PTSD. "We were always going to do this stuff anyways," founder Jeremy Kaufman said while pointing to new security...
  8. R

    Ready For Medical Marijuana Changes, Seattle Makes More Room For Pot

    As the state moves forward with its plans to move Washington's largely unregulated medical marijuana system into its highly regulated and – highly taxed – retail system, Seattle has put new rules into place to better distribute thew stores across the city. In a unanimous vote Monday...
  9. Jacob Redmond

    Figuring Out How To Build A Really Big Marijuana Business

    With an MBA from Dartmouth’s Tuck School and entrepreneurial success already under his belt, British-born Tim Moxey saw the cannabusiness tidal wave coming to Washington state and thought, “Why not me?” Now he’s got 35 employees at Botanica Seattle making pot-infused cookies, chocolates, mints...
  10. D

    Medical Marijuana Authoizations in Seattle, WA

    Hello Everyone! I wanted to let you know that our doctors are the best! Visit our new website Marijuana Medicine
  11. SeattleOrchid

    Seattlite searches for Doc

    Hey there. I currently reside in the Belltown side of Seattle. I have been using MJ for years for anxiety and insomnia. Unfortunately neither of these seem to fall under the WA State MMJ Act. I am a very successful woman, working in a Mental Health institute as a Caregiver. I am by no means a...
  12. C


    Hi. We are a group of hemp advocates in wa state. We believe that cannabis should in the least be decriminalized and ideally completely legalized. We have a march and rally in Seattle every May to bring awareness about the hemp plant and the laws regarding the plant. Our march is a part of...
  13. S

    New to Seattle, WA

    Hi, I'm new to Seattle and new to 420mag. Just wanted to say hello! Looking to make some friends in the area with the same interests. So far this state is amazing - sure beats Florida! :blunt:
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