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  1. F

    Sick plant!

    I'm worried about this gal, she looks as if she's not recovering at all. My personal thoughts were that she had slight nutrient toxicity and under watered. I've now corrected this and a week later seems to be no recovery or uplifting. Expert diagnosis on what this looks to you will be much...
  2. CharlieG

    Strange spots on leaves can anyone help?

    So here are my sad looking girls. bit of a back story, I started to get lots of white flys in my tent so i decided I'd wipe down the leaves and give a good dowsting of water and neem oil. Fast forward 4 days and this is the result. I figure maybe too much neem oil on the leaves and the light...
  3. purple erkle

    purple erkle

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  5. T

    Help! Sorry if this is in the wrong thread

    Hey guys! Not entirely new to growing but I cannot for the life of me figure out whats going on! These weird signs are only shown on ONE of the GSC. They were all cut from the same mother. Grow Details Girl Scout Cut day 42 of flower Temp - 69 Fahrenheit Light - 525w NextLight LED...
  6. P

    Good people - Save my darling

    Hello to all, First of all, I have to say I realy did my homework and tried to find, whats happeing to my mj. I have 250W HPS in 60x60x150 box. In the box I grow 4 platns, 2 blue dreams (blimburnseeds) and 2 white strawberry skuns (strain hunters). All plants are 8 days old (I started counting...
  7. S

    Need help with young plant

    Hey :) This plant started out as a clone - didn't have an ideal environment but survived nonetheless. Right now I'm giving it 250 W HPS, organic soil and "dutch pro take roots" fertilizer. It's growing, but new leaves are looking sick :( from what I've read, this could be Zinc/Iron...
  8. B

    So not sure - Sick & where to cut?

    Outdoor plants have this ... what is it ? Should I cut it and Everything else above it or just the sick bud ?
  9. C

    Yellow Leaves After 12/12

    Dear Friends, I would first like to thank you for taking the time to review the issue I'm dealing with. About a month and a half ago (give or take), I started growing my plant under 65W LED lights and everything was going very well. Nearly two weeks ago, I started flowering and things...
  10. F

    Sick plant!

    This plant is about 7 weeks into flowering from an unknown seed but it seems like it has a longer flowering period. I've used ocean forest from the start (no added nutes during veg) once flowering started I've been using old age bloom 5-10-5 and watering about once or twice a week with...
  11. PacificPeach

    Sick Plant Question

    Hello, I have done a couple of indoor grows. But I am still a newbie. This summer I planted 2 Fast Buds LSD 25 seeds outside. They are about 6 weeks old now. I have fertilized them about 1-2 times per week according to the Fox Farms soil schedule with Big Bloom, Grow Big, and Tiger Bloom. One...
  12. M

    Dying Leaves - Red Stems - Curling Tips And Yellowing During Early Flowering

    Hi farmers, First time grower here. I'm in week 3 of flower with my Bruce Banner, grown in coco. She's been an extremely healthy looking and fast-growing plant until just recently, when I started to notice some brown/ dying spots on like all of my fan leaves. They don't seem to match any...
  13. B

    Is this some kind of nutrient deficiency?

    This girl have already got nute burns (lost few pair of leaves) and then it grew up new healthy leaves for like a week and then it seem to be sick again. ) oh after it recover from note burn i moved it to a lot bigger pot (about a gallon) and i water them lesser time but lots of it each...
  14. F

    Mah girl is sick!

    Meet Sam.What's wrong with Sam? She's a clone from an unknown source. Unknown strain. My wife did not do a good job of tending her (she brought it from a friend but again, no details) She is looking ill, but I'm too much of a newb to really tell. I think I did right, getting her into good soil...
  15. P

    What about my girl ? Need little help

    Hey there guys. I bought Whitewidow autos from same seed bank.I' m using 400 watts hps and 400 watts chinees full spectrum leds. But one of my girls unhaappy and seems she stressed . But i am confuesd . Everything is the same. Water, nutrients , soil but pot. Can you guys explain and help me out...
  16. P

    What is wrong with my girl?

    I bough same seeds from same seedbank . But one of my white widow looking stressed and unhappy. what is your oppinnions guys? I need a little help over here. last image the samae whitewidow from same seedbank. She doing well.
  17. G

    First grow - Think I have a sick plant

    What's up every body. This is my first grow and I think I may have a sick plant the rest look fine. My set up is a 4x8 grow tent 2 900w meizhi led lights I have 2 20 gal pots 2 13 gal pots and 2 5 gal pots. I'm using fox farm ocean forest soil and advanced nutrients grandmaster bundle. The...
  18. B

    Need Help With Sexing & Nutrition Issues?

    ok need help with these please. 1-4 are unknown seed plants.. i have a few questions i will list i need answered . is 1 male or female? i see the odd white pistol but mainly what you see in the pic 2 looks female to me but looks wilted ans yellowing leaves. what could be my issue? is 4...
  19. O

    1st timer needs help with sick plants

    This is my first time and I have a problem. I think it's MAG problem but I am not sure.
  20. W

    Complete deterioration of plant till near death

    Have some plants that have been in flower two weeks. None of them has stretched, yellowed completely, curled leaves on new growth. Could this simply be a terrible case of overwatering leading to root rot? Could I have shocked the root zone with cold water while also over saturating the medium...
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