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    ebb and flow with a scrog screen. 12 days from transfer from seedling tent to flowering tent. One week from 12/12.
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    White cookies x atf 35 day veg 1 gal fabric pots coco thanks again themaddabber. Still frothy for being under 200 watts
  3. smokiezebra

    Smokie Zebra's Organic Mixed Grow

    Hey everyone! Welcome to my first journal here. I do hope you'll stick around! Since we can have legally 4 plants per household, I decided it's time to jump back in. My last grow was a large no till container, but unfortunately I don't have the space for that kind of fun this time. I'll be...
  4. Pinktiger777

    Pink's Cloning Experiment

    Dear readers: I'm making a separate journal here for my cloning experiment. If I fail, I can sprout seeds instead, but here is what I have done, so far: I have a small veg tent that I used the first time, as a seed sprouting tent and veg, in DWC. The DWC is a 5 gallon unit that uses net cups. In...
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