1. cannilingus

    Four Blackberries & two God Buds at seven weeks in bloom

    the single cola photo, is blackberrie. probably, the best producer i have ever had..mellow, smooth smoke. very dense buds. the god, is the strongest ive personally found. couch lock. a bit harsh, tho. i can no longer smoke it. lol.
  2. Patch91

    Smoking resin?

    Iv'e been doing a lot of research lately and everything it's been pointing to has said not to smoke resin. I do it when i'm out of bud and desperate but is it really that bad for you to smoke? I also notice I get a headache sometimes after smoking it and iv'e heard other reports from people...
  3. Katelyn Baker

    MA: Lunenburg Smoke Shop Offers 'Health Benefit'

    Lunenburg - The Massachusetts ballot Question 4 would legalize the possession and use of marijuana by adults over the age of 21, and with the November election nearing, Kyle Ezzio has had more and more people approach him about the possibility. "With the upcoming possibility of the...
  4. S

    Best Ganja in Nepal

    Just move to Kathmandu from USA. Looking for the best smoke! Where is it? What villages?
  5. OldSchool 64

    Opinions on THC with Autos vs Photos

    What's ur take on the smoke difference. .about the same? Way different.. Need some input on the subject.. Reviews I read are mixed.. Need a smoke report from people who have smoked one of each of the same strains. Thanks..
  6. Katelyn Baker

    CO: Denver To Vote On Making Pot Legal To Smoke In Certain Businesses

    In November, residents of Denver, Colorado will be voting on a temporary measure to allow businesses to provide and indoor and/or outdoor space to smoke pot. Currently, tourists can purchase weed but have nowhere to smoke it, as it is only legal to consume in private residences. The new...
  7. weedman79

    Blue Treacle Auto

    Plant size - Small to Med Genetics - Blueberry x Sweet tooth Growth - Quick 83 days seed to harvest Smell- Sweet blueberries - Low odor except for the sweet blueberries Buds- Tight- Dense Yield- 35 grams dried- 1 plant Smoke - Thick velvet blueberries (SMOOTH) High- Indica - Good night time...
  8. DeanB

    What do you use to cover the smell of marijuana?

    Since I can pretty much smoke marijuana anywhere now, how do i mask the smell for others who don't want to smell it and live in the same house. Also, I get the funny face when the GF goes to kiss me and my beard n moustache smell of burnt smoke from the bong hit. :thanks: I saw online of a...
  9. P

    Purple Express Autoflower By Freedom Seeds

    As you might know autos have a short life span so any stress on the plant can significantly shorten bud time. I almost killed this plant but was able to recover it. The plant was on a 20-4hr light schedule. The bud was very airy probably my fault. But the high was a munchy sleep stone and...
  10. B

    Hello 420 community! I never smoke weed ever!

    my name is bigrig. i live in central cali were cannibus is grown and sold everywhere. been around people who uses it recreationally since i was a teen. my parents raise my by telling me never do drugs. i understand you never want to encourage your kids to smoke or drink. i never drink...
  11. M

    Mold on buds?

    I had some outdoors with worms, they wend brown, white ... it was caught early so I removed it, wasn't much but there is still a bit left after they dryed. Question is how bad is it if I smoke it? I will smoke it anyway cause it's all I have but will I die? Or worse?
  12. 4

    Chief Greenbud - Smoke As Much As You Like

    :volcano-smiley: Chief Greenbud - Smoke as much as you like.
  13. N

    Powdery mildew?

    got some bud that has powdery mildew, can I smoke it? Will it hurt me?
  14. Katelyn Baker

    Can My Landlord Forbid Me From Smoking Pot In My Apartment?

    I just signed a new lease on an apartment. Is it legal for my landlord to tell me I can't light up a celebratory joint? You might have to blow some smoke up to the marijuana gods for help on this one; ultimately, it all comes down to the mercy (or chill) of your building owner. Given pot's...
  15. B

    Crohn's Disease

    Looking for recommendations on best strain for Chroans Disease ? Also best method of delivery (smoke, eat, vape) Thanks
  16. B

    Crohn's Disease

    Looking for recommendations on best strain for Chroans Disease ? Also best method of delivery (smoke, eat, vape) Thanks
  17. PurpleGunRack

    Auto Girl Scout Cookies - Fast Buds

    I recently grew 2 Auto Girl Scout Cookies from Fast Buds and ended up with two quite different plants one lanky and dark and one short and white. Girl Scout Cookies #1 Smell: Skunky/earthy 7/10 Taste: Sweet, full body smoke with hints of mint and chocolate 9/10 Effect: Strong...
  18. R

    People In Section 8 Housing Can't Use Medical Marijuana In Maine

    A Maine couple is fighting to open a "cannabis club," a place for people to gather and smoke medical marijuana. Shanon and Vince Gogan say customers at their Legal Peaces smoke shop in Lewiston want and need the safe space to smoke. "These poor people - they choose this as their...
  19. I

    Is this safe to smoke?

    Well I picked this up from a dispensary a few days ago and my buddy is telling me that it is bud rot and is no good to smoke.....please help thanks
  20. R

    Please Join Us In Thanking Smoke Cones For Renewing Their Sponsorship

    Please join us in thanking Smoke Cones for renewing their sponsorship! They have been and continue to be a huge asset in helping us further our mission of spreading Cannabis Awareness to the world. 420 Magazine exists so that you can fully appreciate the cannabis plant and interact with...
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