1. H

    Co2 Within Smoke

    Well cigarettes are a no-no. Obviously due to the harsh toxins. And I along with numerous others smoke leaf around our plants. Now with the Co2 being a benefit within the smoke, and not being toxic, I have a slight idea. I've always lit a candle and put it out to mask the smell, 1-2 times...
  2. ShiggityFlip

    The Great 4/20 Smokathon of 2016!

    I was talking with Blaze about long distance smoke sessions and we decided we should have a forum wide smokathon/vapathon/dabathon/consumableathon on 4/20. We would start on 4/20 in New Zealand and Australia and follow it around the globe through all time zones. Pictures of nugs, bongs...
  3. D

    Potent smoke with only 28 days 12/12

    Is it possible to have potent smoke with only 28 days 12/12? Or did I make a mistake on when I switched to 12/12? Its Pineapple chunk and supposed to be 56 days.
  4. wandler

    Wizard bong! Good or not?

    Hey everyone! I have recently purchased a wizard bong. This bong just looks an eye-catchy one but is it good? I mean does it gives the nice hits/smoke or is it just a nice looking show material? I can't wait to get the delivery! 5th april as they say :P
  5. R

    Welcome Our New Sponsor Smoke City

    Please join us in welcoming our new sponsor Smoke City to our mission of spreading Cannabis Awareness to the world. 420 Magazine exists so that you can fully appreciate the cannabis plant and interact with thousands of like-minded individuals around the world, sharing and gaining knowledge...
  6. M

    Macau Mull

    Dying over here guys... where da faq do I find a smoke??
  7. G

    Snow bong smoke sesh in a blizzard Colorado

  8. Onkruid

    Am I missing something?

    Hints of melts with honeydew peppermint cocoa whimsically pursued by a passing breath of pine tar rhapsodized with overly sweet perfume-like overtones persuaded by ever-so-gently nudged underpinnings of tantalizingly fresh boysenberries in fresh sherbet. I get it and love it. The plants...
  9. C

    Lost my brother today...Want to smoke...

    So my brother took his life today. I cant even breath correctly. I might have a drug testing next week or so, Not sure if I should smoke. You guys think its worth it? Or anything I can do to prevent it not showing up on the test? 150lbs and about 5'8 Any thoughts?
  10. N

    Any advice on the least offensive way to smoke flower or RSO for an elderly woman?

    My 83 year old mother is a cancer patient with no appetite. She is willing to try smoking, but her throat and lungs are very sensitive. I have access to weed and RSO. What are the least noxious ways to smoke for someone like her? She is definitely not a 'smoker', but needs some way to increase...
  11. Y

    Smoking hashish before taking USA visa

    Hi guys , I hope it be the right place for my questions In short , I`m beneficiary for US visa . I was smoking hashish for long time and I quit before making my medical examination . In the medical examination the doctor did not ask me any thing about smoking hashish . and I made blood test...
  12. thebeast27

    Big Yield Auto Seeds

    Hi all this thread is for info pics questions thoughts and general discussion on heavy weight and top quality auto beans.if u have grown a auto that has suprised u with results.true to its info? Smoke quality? Time seed to harvest.who is your fav seed bank? all love of the cannabis plant is...
  13. T

    Smoke Shops

    I have been told... that a guy can met folks and contacts at the smoke shop - any truth to that in PR? :surf:
  14. Herbies Seeds

    Seeds Back in Stock at Herbies - 14th December 2015

    Back in stock.. Tropical Kushmatic Autoflowering Seeds Tropical Red Afro Fems Connoisseur Chemmy Jones Holy Smoke Pink Cadillac Fems Holy Smoke Strawberry Stardawg Fems Simply Female Spineapple Fems Kannabia Gnomo Autos Mandala Satori Top Tao Auto Mix #1
  15. WPCollective

    Greeting from Vancouver

    Hello all, I'm Marvin. I'm a medical MJ patient in WA state. I grow and process my own cannabis. I just took down my grown last month, after this last harvest. I moved so I won't be growing again until next March. I still process and go to the market every week. I spend a lot of time...
  16. blackpaw

    DIY flower iron

    Was looking at a ceramic tipped herb iron but was appalled at the price. So, let the mouse do the shopping and viola a cheap alternative: $30 "value" import 24vDC ceramic tipped, jacketed. Need to get down to the bare ceramic, now I have to touch the metal jacket to the herb, the watts...
  17. P

    Green Weed - Can You Smoke It?

    I've got some plants that are almost ready to harvest. My question is, The high that you get when you smoke it green, is that going to be as good as it gets? I'm still a bit green, This will be my first harvest. Thanks for any feed back.:thumb::thumb::thumb:
  18. H

    Horses warning

    This is an observation that I have made over the years. When I was younger and worked on several horse farms, I and other friends/workers would often check on the horses at all hours of the night [because they were very valuable]. We would sometimes smoke a joint as we were checking on them. A...
  19. Mello136

    Pass it left!

    Name your smoke then pass it left. (include the emoji --> : 48 : without spaces). Include a brief description of what your smoking on. Blue Dreaming today :passitleft: smoothe and it might be the rolly but kind of fruity. Stone is a quiet head high with some body relaxation. I even twitch a...
  20. H

    What is the best way to smoke? Bong, hookah, vap etc.

    My boyfriend is disabled. THC helps him better than any drug on the market. But he has to smoke alot to be able to improve his mobility. We have a bong, glass pipe, and metal pipe. So far it just depends on the situation on how we smoke. But My question is, to conserve weed to help on the...
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