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  1. 519GrowLabs

    519 Grow Labs: Soil, White Widow & Jack Herer, SoG

    Plant Stage: Vegetation - Week 2 Background on the seeds: White Widow (WW) - I purchased these seeds from the Vancouver Lift Expo in 2017. I hung onto these until now. I germinated 3 out of the 5 seeds for 100% successful germination. I still have 2 left as well as 4 other packs of different...
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    Space bucket v2
  3. GanjaCrackerG

    How to keep my plant height low in my space bucket

    I'm am growing in a unit made from a system of five gallon buckets. I currently only have 32" of hight to grow in and I know the plant I have might exceed that. I'm not trying to make it taller because thats just too easy haha.
  4. I

    Completed Insom's First Grows! Blue Mystic Auto, Soil, Custom Bucket Setup With LEDs

    I've been meaning to start this, and now seems as good a time as any - I'm four weeks into my first grow ever, and just kicking off my second! Both plants are feminized Blue Mystic autoflowers from Nirvana seeds. We'll call our girls Lapis and Peridot - Lapis because she too is a blue mystic...
  5. A

    Completed AlaskaMack's CFL, Space Bucket, Soil Grow Journal

    Bucket Size - 2.5 gallon Medium - Fox Farm Ocean Lights - (4) 23w 6500K CFLs, (2) 23w 2700K CFLs, 3528 LED strip side light. 9600 lumens ~140 watts Nutrients - Fox Farm Trio Strain(s) - Unknown clone from friend, good smoking bud # of Plants: 1 This will be my first cannabis grow and it...
  6. B

    Help! Sagada Landrace - Dying/Yellowing Leaves

    Sagada Landrace 1st grow Strain - Sagada Landrace # of Plants - 1 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative Setup - Space Bucket Light - 3 pcs 24 Watt CFL Nutrients - None Pests - None Known Problems - Dying/yellowing leaves at the bottom. Any info/recommendations on what to do? Its...
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