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519 Grow Labs: Soil, White Widow & Jack Herer, SoG


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Plant Stage: Vegetation - Week 2

Background on the seeds:

White Widow (WW) - I purchased these seeds from the Vancouver Lift Expo in 2017. I hung onto these until now. I germinated 3 out of the 5 seeds for 100% successful germination. I still have 2 left as well as 4 other packs of different strains. More to come for that at a later date.

B@stard Jack (BJ) - These seeds were given to me from a friend. I believe they were Jack Herer seeds (they be autos). My friend grew out one plant then ended up herm'ing out due to lack of love and attention. He ended up with a bunch of mature seeds. This is why I've named these plants B@stard Jack....not really sure what to expect from this one.

Grow Environment: DIY Space Bucket. (I'm hoping to get a proper tent in the near future)

Grow Light: 100W LED (non-sponsored company...don't ask)

Notes: Seeds were popped in pH'd water overnight. The WW's all popped in less than 24hrs. I was pretty impressed. The BJ's took almost an entire week.
Checking the grow today showed the BJ's are currently slightly taller and leaves slightly larger than the WW.

The Goal: select the 2 smallest plants of each strain and SoG them. I would then take strongest plant from each strain and turn them into mothers (cloning journal to come...).

-519 Grow Labs
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