1. Making sure light is hanging true

    Making sure light is hanging true

    Using an iPhone to make sure light fixture is straight
  2. Mbunaaddict

    Combine 6K and 4K leds?

    This is what I have, they're free. Running autos,, 1st time. Am I wasting time using both for a pseudo full(er) spectrum? Proper 300w SP type is planned when $$ is available.
  3. Sinbad91

    The Mystery Of The Red Stems

    If you've ever run into red stems in your growth, then you've probably done your fair share of research on the subject. The majority seem to think this is a result of a Phosphorus deficiency and many say it's genetics. There are also a few who have suspected LED Lighting (Spectrum) to be the...
  4. PurpleGunRack

    The perfect LED spectrum

    What's your guys take on the perfect spectrum for veg, transition and flowering respectively ? Where did you get your information or what experience did you have that made you see the light ? Please assume we're already pounding the plants with 1000 PPFD and just looking for the perfect...
  5. Skullman420

    18000 Kelvin for rooting clones?

    Needed a T8 for cloning, so bought the closest I found to a usable spectrum in a local electronics shop. 4000 kelvin. Not optimal, but I know it works. I see the local pet shop sells a bulb for aquariums, but that one is 18000 kelvin - Do you think it would work well for rooting`clones? I have...
  6. smokejoint

    Which CFL light will be good?

    Hi guys, forgive me its maybe a stupid question but i want to grow indoors with a CFL bulb (200W) and i dont know which bulb to choose. Can i use a Flowering spectrum CFL also for the growth phase? I dont want to buy one CFL for growth phase and another one for flowering phase. Or what about a...
  7. M

    How low on watts can you go on Cree 3590's

    I have a couple of questions. I bought two 3590 s @ 3500 k and run them at 50 watts with a mover that moves 2 feet and height adjustment (active heatsinks). I put both up to 60 watts each and burned some leaves. I have now a 3+3 space with one big plant (smaller footprint when plant is young) ...
  8. B

    Are these better lighting options than what I have now?

    I have been using a 400w MH HID to veg for years. would one of these be just as good or better than my MH 400 in a 3x3 area? or any other ideas that might come to mind. Bout $200 or under hopefully is what i can do. Thank you very much for your help 100 Watt Citizen CLU048 (2) COB Grow Light...
  9. 4

    What light spectrum should I use?

    Hi so I'm growing some star dog clones and they're in 10 gal or 7 gal pots. I transplanted them last week from a 1gal and they were pre flowering. It is now a week later now they are put into flower, and I watered with a tea and induced flowering with insect grass and foliar the same as the...
  10. G

    How much THC in those plants? 3 lights 3 results

    Here's some real testing of 3 lights. 400 watt Spectrum King (LED), 315 watt CMH (LEC), and a 750 watt GAVITA. This guy is constantly growing plants. He seems to like Spectrum King lights because of the lower heat and terpines. He also likes the resin and efficiency of the LEC. Enjoy.
  11. H

    Need Help With LED's

    Hello Everyone, Thanks for reading this! I've got a small space of 2x2 ft = 4 sq.ft, and I have a doubt regarding the lighting. I've read in multiple threads that 30-40watts per sq.ft should be adequate, and i'd love it if some of you could confirm that? for example if i'm considering...
  12. B

    Help choice of HPS or LED

    Hey Question. Trying to decide between 600watts hps Phatnam 2 by Hydro Farm or Spectrum king led 400+ and Gorilla grow tents?
  13. K

    New to indoor grow

    i have a 48x24x48 grow tent. what size led full spectrum should i use. i was thinking about getting 2-300watt full spectrum led grow lights but i aint to sure. please help.
  14. Fullyspectrum

    Help needed - DIY COB light - What driver?

    Hi guys first time playing with COB'S and I have no idea what driver to use. Will have to do more research, but wondering if anyone can point me in right direction for a driver to run 2 x 10w chips. Details below. 10w led grow Light chip full spectrum 380~840nm for hydroponics veg flower...
  15. B

    Hello everyone - New to the site - Excited to be here

    Mars Reflector144 Led Grow Light Full Spectrum Panel Veg Flower Plant Hydro 298W
  16. coralman

    Temp and humidity relationship

    Am i right in thinking if i raise the humidity in my tent it will lower the temp? Was currently at 22-25 degrees with 50-60% rh in a 5x5 on 750watts dual spectrum, i have knocked it up to 1000watts and now im gettin 27-31degrees with 30-37%rh
  17. S

    LED for 3x3 current sale pricing - Help please and thanks!

    Hello! I'm looking for a LED for a 3 x 3 tent. Penetration is probably most important. Looking for best spectrum and results near a 400 to 600 watt hps. Mars II 900 (10% off today) about 450.00 cdn Epistar pro II 160 (20% off monday) 400.00 cdn I've been checking out the Perfect Sun 500. It...
  18. Zogrowsgreen

    Light Experiment Suggestions - 1200 Watts - 5x5 I need help! Mars Hydro LEDs & T5

    Hello All, I need help with figuring out my light spectrum for veg/bloom with my current light setup to make sure i am not doing more harm than good by mixing the led spectrum and T5. The plan is to keep the plants short and Run 4 Mars hydro Reflector 96 units (rectangular) around the 4 sides...
  19. K

    CFL dual spectrum bulb

    Cfl dual spectrum bulb for my grow from start to finish or do I need to change before flower stage
  20. H

    LED Bar Grow Lights Hot Sale

    Key benefits :thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb: • Controlled, uniform, high-quality (young) plant output • Proven for different growth characteristics, including full spectrum versions • Less heat radiation, so ideal for conditioned environments • Ideal for...
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