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strain reviews

  1. K

    New to Growing

    Hello I am looking for some feedback please. I want to start growing but I'm not 100% sure what all I need and what products I should use or shouldn't use. I want to run a stealth grow considering I still live with my parents. I am going to be building a desk soon and its going to have a 4 feet...
  2. Hashassinz

    I got a problem with strain reviews

    If I start ranting my bad. I got a big problem with strain reviews cause they cannot imo tell really how it is. There just to many factors with cannabis its not like buying coca cola or mountain dew. Reason I say this is when you smoke a strain and you didn't grow it how do you know. Like did...
  3. painkills2

    What Makes a Good Strain Review?

    Medical cannabis patients have different ways of judging strains, and this is apparent in how they choose to review them. For instance, in my reviews, I focus on strength. Other reviews focus on freshness or the curing method, and still others focus on things like the number of trichomes. As...