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super lemon haze

  1. sneekymofo

    Current Culture: Undercurrent 4 New Grow Journal

    THE PLAN So here goes: 15 year grower, using DWC most of those years with half-assed, over-engineered, highly-functional systems pulled together from whatever I could find and on a budget. Now I’m tired, and I’m ready to do this right. So I have set up an Undercurrent 4 system with a remote...
  2. Night raid 5.gif

    Night raid 5.gif

    Night raid on my greenhouse 2
  3. Super lemon haze/Jabba stash

    Super lemon haze/Jabba stash

    1 plant weight
  4. Third week vegging various strains

    Third week vegging various strains

    Mars hydro tent, mars hydroo 2 900, and two Mezhi 300 lights
  5. Second week veg

    Second week veg

    Various different strains vegging
  6. Super lemon haze first day flower

    Super lemon haze first day flower

    Super lemon haze in first day flower
  7. Auto Super Lemon Haze

    Auto Super Lemon Haze

    Getting more frost than Gucci, lol. Day 40. Auto SLH
  8. S

    There's something wrong with the leaves

    Strain - Super Lemon Haze # of Plants - 1 Grow Type - Soil Grow Stage - Vegetative Bucket Size - 10 Gallon Lights - 80 Watt CFL x2 Nutrients - N/A Medium - Plagron Royalmix NPK 1/2/1 PPM - 900 PH - 6.5 RH - 35% to 55% Room Temperature -78 to 84 Solution Temperature -65 to 69 Room Square Footage...


    Super lemon haze. 104 grams dried
  10. SLH2.JPG


    Random bud
  11. SLH1.jpg


    SLH after washing
  12. SLH2.jpg


    SLH after washing
  13. SLH3.jpg


    SLH after washing
  14. SLH1.JPG


    Super Lemon Haze
  15. SLHa.JPG


    Super Lemon Haze 15.12 oz trimmed w/ stems
  16. SLH120D54F.jpg


    Mmmmm...I like her scent!
  17. SupLemHz.jpg


    Super lemon Haze...she looks smaller, but her buds are solid!
  18. SLH.jpg


    Trichomes Super Lemon Haze
  19. IMG_0505.JPG


    Crispy Super Lemon Haze
  20. IMG_0509.JPG


    Super Lemon Haze...not happy...but she is in the 7-9 week flower window
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