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  1. vyserage

    Help with the final decisions of my first cure please - With Boveda

    Hey guys so im struggling with figureing out my final touches to my cure. I would greatly appreciate replies from others who have used boveda packs. Here is my process im using: _____________________ DRYING: Hang dry for 3-4 days in closet via hangers or drying rack. Humidity set to 55 at...
  2. andIhalped

    Lemon Meringue: Outdoor Grow & Smoke Report

    Outdoor grown Lemon Meringue (sativa dominant hybrid of Lemon Skunk x Cookies & Cream) Grow: I purposely grew it so it would stay under 4ft (legal grow, but my neighbors are finicky & last yr's 7 ft Jack Herer was cool but a bit too in-the-face): grown from a clone that I didn’t put out...
  3. Gorilla Seeds

    15% Off Gorilla Seeds For All 420 Magazine Members

    The Gorilla's feeling generous this Christmas season, so he is giving out a 15% off discount until the end of December :;):!! If you think about it, this discount's also good for the rest of the year (of 2017). To get 15% off your Gorilla seeds order, use the code M420 on the basket page...
  4. Ron Strider

    Aus: Jenny Hallam Says The Prosecution Against Her Is 'Disgusting And Waste Of Time'

    A Woman charged with drug offences over the supply of medicinal cannabis has labeled her prosecution "disgusting" and a "waste of money". Outside the Adelaide Magistrates Court on Friday, Jenny Hallam said people were dying every day because of a lack of access to the drug. "Parents get...
  5. O

    Over-watered plant & possible gnat problem - Help please

    My plant was doing well up until the last few days she has drooping leaves and looks sick. I stopped watering and checked the soil for moisture and it seems damp, so no watering until the soil is dry. I also took her out of direct sunlight so she wouldn't cook. Is there any hope for her. It's my...
  6. Ron Strider

    WA: Tribes Launch Hemp Project

    The Colville Confederated Tribes have gone into hemp production. The Tribes planted a 60-acre project on July 9th and plans to research the marketability of hemp seed and fiber products. The Colville's are believed to be one of the first Native American Tribes in the U.S. to cultivate hemp...
  7. Ron Strider

    UK: Metropolitan Police Officer Sacked For Cannabis Use

    A Metropolitan Police officer has been sacked after testing positive for cannabis use. PC Lee Colbridge, of the Central North Command Unit, was found guilty of gross misconduct at a special hearing on Monday. The panel heard how Colbridge was found to be three times over the European...
  8. Fsanti1226

    Frank The First Timer! 2 Diesel Dipped Cookies & 1 God Bud

    Hello 420 fam!thought id give this grow journal a try. Name is frank by the way. Way out west is where is stay. So the name of my game is to really become a seasoned vet at growing sum righteous buds while helping out the fight against cancer. Would really like to start growing alot of cbd...
  9. G

    I love this site

    Everyone on here has the best mindset and I haven't seen much disrespect. I'm a ten run internediate grower or at least I thought I was until my Veteran teacher from Humboldt moved out of my house and back up north! I'm left to myself and the skills he gave me so it's kind of like an apprentice...
  10. C

    Outdoor grow advice for deer and cat problems

    I am doing an outdoor grow (CKS Auto Trainwreck) the area I live has a lot of deer, and I was wondering what anyone has done for there deer issues. Also my neighbors cats dug out my last seeds I tried putting in soil and pooping in my pots, but not until I plant. Up until I put seedlings in my...
  11. G

    Could this little guy be saved?

    This is my first grow attempt, and it's only the middle of second week since it sprouted. Thought I'd done enough theory and decided to finally give it a try with a white widow seed someone gave me to practice. Everything seemed fine, seed germinated in like 3 days with a wet towel and I...
  12. C

    Watering question

    I'm growing autoflowers in soil. I found a sticky on here about when to water and even it contradicts itself in the very same post. What are common mistakes made by first time growers? It says at first to check the weight of the pot when dry, then water, then wait until it's at dry weight...
  13. K

    Hourly Dabbing Drug Test

    Hello to anyone willing to testify or guide me in a choice. from August 2016 - Dec 14th 2016 i was taking dabs 8 times a day. about a gram every 3 days. I quit so that i can get a construction union job (pipefitters, electrician, or plumbing) who ever takes me first. Dec 14th was my ast day...
  14. K

    How long until these are finished?

    Just curious how long you think I have until they are finished? I'm still running nutes every second watering and am trying to figure out when to switch to just water. Strain is tangerine dream auto feminized. They been budding for 4 weeks and are at week 7. Don't worry about the leaves. I had...
  15. Rider509

    ILGM White Widow fem - Day 10

    These seeds germinated in water very quickly. Moved to sphagnum pucks until roots emerged.
  16. K

    ME: Recount On Marijuana Ballot Suspended Until After The New Year

    Augusta – An official recount of a statewide ballot question legalizing marijuana in Maine is now on hold until after the New Year. The recount was suspended late Thursday after about 30 percent of the total ballots cast had been reviewed with no significant change in the outcome revealed...
  17. C

    Power Outage - Urgent

    Ok so my plants are in week 9 of flowering. Lights are on 5pm to 5am. Last night at 3:30am power went out until 10:30am. Timer obviously froze and came back on at 10:30am for the remaining hours until it thought it was 5am. It is now 1:30pm and I'm wondering how bad this has screwed things...
  18. CropKingSeeds

    20% Black Friday Discount From Crop King!

    This code will work and will only be valid this Friday, November 25, 2016 until 12 AM Pacific time.
  19. B

    Not sure about these - Balls?

    Hi good people, Im a first time grower. On the third week of flowering. Everything seems to be fine http://www.420magazine.com/gallery/data/500/medium/20161123_070751.jpg My red dragons and liberty haze feminized seem to be doing great. Until today, one of the plants are showing something...
  20. G

    What's up at Herbies?

    Just went over to herbies site and its closed until further notice. anyone know whats up?