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    Genetics: Inconsistencies

    Photos of two separate grow seasons. White Widow Auto this year. One is lime. One is deep green, one neutral… N Lights Auto from last year: Lime, green, and purple. Also, each plant produces a slightly separate flavour and effect. Since both crops are Auto flower, is it a certain part within...
  2. N

    Need help & advice

    So I’m kinda new to this whole growing thing and I started this grow about 3 weeks ago and I started to notice that my plants were looking different. Can someone tell me what’s going on with these two plants?
  3. J

    First SCRoG attempt, any advice appreciated

    Hello, I just thought I would make a post seeking advice as I am always looking to improve and am getting more and more interested in growing by the day. This is my 2nd indoor grow (also grew a few autos outside in the summer). I have 1 White Widow and 1 AK-47 (Fast) Feminized photoperiod...
  4. B

    First time grower

    So I have white widow autoflower and It started sprouting on then7th of September so its about 5 or 6 weeks old the top leaves around top of plant droop just a little is the plant healthy for being only 6 weeks old imguessing
  5. FCE91C8E-9D3F-4BFC-BD09-278E043387F6.jpeg


    Day twenty three afghani x white widow clones
  6. White Widow- Seedsman

    White Widow- Seedsman

    White widow transplant from germination. She popped off her shell and was up and running in a matter of hours. Strong genetics I’ve seen thus far.
  7. C

    Nute burn? How to fix it, first grow

    Hey guys, I think I have nutrient burn. I was watering with low ec/ph’d water at first, but then I made a mixture of nutrients based on instructions from dr coco. I currently water with low EC(45, Tap water) PH’d water since I noticed the burn yesterday. Should I flush it as well until the...
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    Male white widow x wonder woman
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  10. 3246DDAD-E757-43CF-BB23-E60EFC369EF6.jpeg


    White widow x wonder woman
  11. WhiteWidow-day57.jpeg


  12. WhiteWidow-day57.jpeg


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    What about my girl ? Need little help

    Hey there guys. I bought Whitewidow autos from same seed bank.I' m using 400 watts hps and 400 watts chinees full spectrum leds. But one of my girls unhaappy and seems she stressed . But i am confuesd . Everything is the same. Water, nutrients , soil but pot. Can you guys explain and help me out...
  14. Lord Simmer

    White Widow: Robert Bergman

    This was my first grow Strain Name - White Widow R From - Robert Bergman When - 8/16 Price - 3 seeds for $35 Type - 60 sativa 40 indica Appearance - Green and orange hair Smell - great. not as heavy as one would think Taste - delicious in joints and the first green hit in bowl...
  15. F

    Flyingweed's - Soil - Auto White Widows

    What strain is it? Auto White Widow Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? Hybrid Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Autoflower Indoor or outdoor? indoor Soil or Hydro? Soil If soil... what is in your mix? Biobizz light mix If soil... What size pot? 20 liters Size of light? 125 watt CFL Is it aircooled? no...
  16. Lord Simmer

    420 White Widow Autoflower Outdoor 2016 - First Grow From Lord Simmer

    I chose an Autoflower so I could grow outside, and since the current light is only 13 hours where Im at. I had quite the roller coaster so far. Iguanas ate two of my plants and my wife crushed one. So whats left? I have one plant with some discoloration on some leaves and the crushed plant...
  17. P

    First Proper Go In The Outdoors! - White Widow x Big Bud & Random Clone

    :welcome:, Just started my first proper outdoor grow! I have previously grown some 3ft plants that yielded around 2oz's from bag seed outdoors but know a lot better is possible. Im hoping people could offer me some assistance on a few different things as I don't quite have this soil thing worked...
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