First SCRoG attempt, any advice appreciated


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I just thought I would make a post seeking advice as I am always looking to improve and am getting more and more interested in growing by the day.

This is my 2nd indoor grow (also grew a few autos outside in the summer). I have 1 White Widow and 1 AK-47 (Fast) Feminized photoperiod seeds from Canuk seeds. I am growing in a 4x4 tent with a screen just smaller than that and am using 3 of the mars hydro 600w LEDs.

As you will see by my nutrient selection I am influenced by Mr Canuk, his grows seem to do great and I'm in Canada so I can get the gaia green nutes. I was also very interested in not having to mix bottled nutes into my water for every feeding. I am using 5 gallon buckets with holes drilled in the bottoms, filled with Promix potting mix, some manure, some worm castings, perlite, and of course Gaia Green 444 and 284.

I am seeking general advice and tips for general improvement and am not married to any of the methods i am using here, in other words, I'm open to any advice/criticism etc. My previous grow yielded around the 45g range for my "best" plants and just over an ounce for my others, so I am definitely looking to improve yields. Obviously my plants don't take up my entire space, next time I will use 4. This was really just a test.

I planted these September 13th and they are on day 12 of flower.

Feel free to ask any questions and thanks in advance.

Please see photos below:


White Widow is on the right and AK-47 FAST is on the left.

I have maybe 6-8" from the top of my buckets to the net.
White Widow up close.

AK-47 FAST up close.

Different angle.
My first suggestion would be to only grow ONE plant per screen. Or, at the very least, if you feel that you must weave a living cat's cradle with multiple plants, to use clones from the same mother.

Second, would be to go back and read the first suggestion again, lol.

Third, if you have access to the screen from all four sides, ensure that it is not too large for you to get your hand to the center from each side. If you cannot access the area underneath it from all four sides, reduce the size of your screen accordingly. And pretend your arms are only 60% of their actual length - because you may well find that there is no straight path to the branch that you need to pull back down through its hole and move to a different one (and it's not unheard of for there to not be a convenient open hole, which would necessitate multiple tip moves instead of just the one).

Fourth, go grab this file, expand it, and read all of it:

It contains a plain .TXT (text) file, a compilation from when the SCROG technique was first introduced to the masses. It'll have everything you need to know in order to be successful. Assuming you've already got the basics of taking a cannabis plant from seed to a successful harvest, of course.
Thanks TorturedSoul, really appreciate the advice and the link. Reading that ASAP. I guess i would need to get a larger pot to do a single plant. I could see that being much more consistent. Thank you.
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