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winter grow

  1. grow boy420

    Purple Kush 5/5 seeds germinated

    successfully germinated and got seedligs transplanted to small pots from solo cups..one seedling got singed badly by CFL ..but is recovering. It is however a few weeks behind. Some pictures. PK3 (Groot as I call her) is the smallest one on top of a reversed pot to get her closer to lights..she...
  2. M

    The curious case of Frank the FrankenPlant

    This is Frank. Frank is bi-rooted. Frank likes to mingle with pretty pink flowers, bugs and enjoys the great outdoors. He's just like any other plant except, of course for his dirty little secret. Franks drinks sewagewater. Ugh... For Frank, life started off as a discarded seed lying next to a...
  3. C13CB1F0-7C25-41B7-BAD7-AAB949215CF2.jpeg


    Some pics of what fell about half of this snow came last night on about 6 hrs
  4. 92B71247-2745-4800-B433-C64405E67D0C.jpeg


    It just stopped for now winter has arrived here in Ontario , Canada
  5. 9E101D01-39FB-49AA-9AF6-4C822D1C194C.jpeg


    Like them so far deep too
  6. akisunni

    Akisunni Outdoor NorCal Winter/Spring 2015 Grow

    What strain is it? Stinky Pinky Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? Indica dominate Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Just starting Out Door Flowers for twins, others farther along. If in Veg... For how long? Mother has been harvested and is just living outdoors currently If in Flower...
  7. J

    Jade's Indoor Winter Grow

    :welcome: Thanks everyone for stopping by! :thanks: This will be the beginning of my 3rd grow. I promise Im no expert but I love what I do. So far I have decided to start 6 seeds. I have 4 picked out but I'm trying to decide the other two. I just brought back a bunch of new stuff from Amsterdam...
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