Jade's Indoor Winter Grow


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:welcome: Thanks everyone for stopping by! :thanks: This will be the beginning of my 3rd grow. I promise Im no expert but I love what I do. So far I have decided to start 6 seeds. I have 4 picked out but I'm trying to decide the other two. I just brought back a bunch of new stuff from Amsterdam and I think I want to start some of that.

So far the lineup is:
2 GSC x ATF (reg)
1 Pineapple Express Auto
1 Trans Siberian Auto

I will post more as I go along. So far I just have the seeds soaking ready to be planted. I am working on moving my cabinets and lights to a new room. Thanks for joining in and enjoy your weekend everyone! :Namaste:
Back from a little Christmas shopping and to my delight, I have 2 that have popped. One GSC and one Pineapple Express auto. Hopefully the others show soon as well!
If you haven't yet, buy some Blue Cheese seeds. OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My house smells like the big ganja garden in the sky.
Then do yourself a favor and try to buy this strain to try it at least once. This is the strongest all around strain I like. Very smooth, very tasty and very potent. Another very good one is super lemon haze. I can tell you in the beginning of week 3 my super lemon haze already has some trichome formation and it smelled stronger than the flowering females while it vegetated. My blue cheese out-smells the super lemon haze. Very sweet. It smells like creamy blueberry custard or some awesome berry dessert.
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