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Hi All, Ready for attempt number 2, after a failed outdoor grow which suffered an attack of mold. Learning the ropes for an indoor grow where I can control the environment a little better. So far I have been keeping the Temp around 73-78(daytime), 65 or so(night time) and humidity around 45%. It can get cold and snowy here in Mass during the winter, so I'm looking forward to caring for these 2 girls and then getting an early start on my vegetable garden in the spring with my tent. My choice of seeds was based on needing to calm down at night, so I hope these do the trick. Wishing you all a Good grow this winter. Take Care!

1.CBD Hash Plant (Feminized)
Hash Plant x CBD variety Genetics ***very relaxing with medicinal properties thanks to the high levels of CBD
2.Papaya Feminized
Nirvana Seeds
Jack Herer x Skunk #1 Genetics
***short, hardy plant that is both resistant to plant diseases and mold
Medical Conditions - Insomnia, Pain, Stress
And Now to Present Day, 6 Weeks into Flower.
Any and All Comments Welcome, still learning, but I think I may finally have a little something to show for my work.
Hope yo all have a great New Year, Very Cold time here in Mass and light snow right now, But my plant are nice and warm and HAPPY.
Thanks for stopping by BraicaBrick, Stay Warm, nasty cold lately in Grassachusetts, the Papaya plant that is stretching was very small to start, then more than doubled in size when I flipped to 12/12, buds are really filling out also, I think I may have to grow Papaya again if the smoke is as good as the grow. take care
Sub'd for this ride brother.

Also just wanted to wish you a belated Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you and your family, from one Masshole to another.
Hey Van Stank, Merry Christmas & happy New Year to you and your family, stay warm, I don't have to wish you luck with your grow, you seem to have it together. I think I will stick to tent grows, even in the warm months, planning to start another grow as soon as these two are harvested. Two plants at a time will give me what I need. thanks...............
OK, it's 10 degrees out, winds 15-20mph, wind chill well below zero, so the picnic is cancelled. plants are nice and warm in the tent, pellet stove cranking out the heat, stay safe all 420 views in the cold areas.
Hello, Just a few days short of 8 weeks flower, the pics are no great, but I think the tricomes are milky, not clear, I'm thinking it close to harvest time, any thoughts?

Hi Van Stank, I do have many to choose from, went a little crazy when my Bitcoin went up. I have a Grand Daddy Purp that I want to try, but waited until I was able to make it to the end without killing my plants, like my first grow. I was also thinking of a Sweet Tooth, because my wife said she wanted something to make her laugh for no reason. Planning to start around Feb 1st.
Hi All, OK all dried, now some cure time, big improvement over my last grow.
Papaya 32g Hash Plant 26g = total 58g (2.05 ounces)
-very happy with this grow, better than my last ones which were overtaken by mold.
Plan on a new grow around Feb 1st, only gets better from here. Thanks for all the info provided on 420
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