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  1. M

    Hullo - Introducing meself as monTigre

    So, hi all. I'm Canadian, a user of the bud, and looking forward to, (what appears now to be a delayed date for), legalization. I used to enjoy a good smoke, in a cigarette, cigar or pipe. But I quit tobacco in the late '90s as I was developing a nasty cough. I admit to missing that rush of...
  2. J

    Jardinero - Spanish for hard money

    So now that California is recreational I will continue to do what I have been doing for years... grow me some backyard boogie...don't tell my neighbors please
  3. W

    Newbie from the UK - Cannabis gives me excruciating pain

    When I was a teenager my arches in my feet fell/collapsed causing my knees and ankles to roll in or out. The heels of my feet are sore and tender too. I've been wearing arch supports ever since, I'm now 42 and without them I'm in excruciating pain. Also In my teenage years, I visited my doctor...
  4. T

    Getting ready to grow

    Hi just starting back up after 8 years, can't wait to start growing again:thumb:
  5. 420BudzFreak

    Its A New Year's Flipping Party! Group Journal For Those Flipping On New Year's

    Hey there everyone! I know there is a few people planning to flip on New Years day including myself. I figured I would make a common "journal" to share the journey! We can drop update pics and have a common spot to chat about the progress! I know its tough to follow a ton of journals so do...
  6. R


    First time grow. Have a grow tent, fan, filter... Would appreciate any helpful tips. I am retired, 61 years young
  7. OffTheRadar

    To oil or not to oil?

    I lived in California during prohibition. Two years after I left, MM was finally legal; 10 years on and I've just seen a documentary on the California marijuana 'industry' after it was legalised for recreation . My eyes have popped out of my head; my jaw was near dislocated from dropping...
  8. Dusted


    Male, 62, single, Alberta. I've been growing indoors for about 40 years. I tried a side by side comparison with soil vs hydroponics under a 1k watt mercury vapour many years ago and got hooked on hydroponics. I actually still use my original setup, in an abbreviated fashion. The original...
  9. Ron Strider

    MD: Former Seattle Officer Admits Running Marijuana To Baltimore

    A former Seattle police officer has pleaded guilty for his role in smuggling hundreds of pounds of marijuana to Baltimore. Alex Chapackdee, who spent 16 years on the force, resigned shortly after his arrest in May. The U.S. Attorney's Office said after his plea Monday prosecutors would...
  10. Ron Strider

    UK: Inside The Drug Farms Where £1.2M Worth Of Cannabis Was Being Cultivated

    A cannabis grower from Machynlleth has been jailed for his role in a major national drug distribution network worth £1.2 million. Mark John Roberts of Pencaemawr, Penegoes, near Machynlleth will serve two years four months in jail after being found guilty of cultivating the plant at two...
  11. OffTheRadar

    First tentative step

    I've been a grower for 30 years; I lived by the credo 'Loose lips sink ships'. In all those years, only my partner knew I grew. I was totally underground. Long-lived paranoia does not abate easily. I still live by that credo in a counrty hostile to this activity; so paranoia still serves...
  12. E

    Personal Introduction

    Hi, Short introduction: British Male, 64 years of age living in rural Portugal with my wife and dog. Would welcome correspondence with like minded people especially those living in Portugal to swap experiences. Enjoying early retirement in this beautiful Country for the last 4...
  13. Ron Strider

    Fewer Young People Than Ever Feel They Have Easy Access To Cannabis

    The number of young people who believe they can easily access cannabis has plummeted since 2002, data published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs reveals. Researchers from Boston University, the University of Texas at Austin, the University of North Carolina and St. Louis...
  14. Cola Monster

    Cola Monster's Prop. 215 Legal Greenhouse Grow - 2017

    What's up my fellow herb lovers!:Love: I just wanted to make a short journal documenting the flowering cycle of this years greenhouse grow and we'll pick up in weeks 4-5 of flowering. The strains I'm growing this year include 3 pheno types of Jilly Bean plus my OG Kush x Grand Daddy Purple...
  15. Ron Strider

    New Zealand: Exploited Migrant Faces Deportation After Cannabis House Bust

    The caretaker of a Huntly house that had been entirely converted into an intensive marijuana-growing operation has been jailed for two years and two months. And Hai Le Minh, 35, a Vietnamese national, faces the prospect of deportation once he becomes eligible for parole. It is a prospect...
  16. M

    Hi & Help

    Hi Folks! Glad to be here. I have a plant ailment question: I've been growing casually for years out in my backyard with no problems. Recently, the plants have recently developed brown spots on the leaves, which eventually turn yellow and die. It seems to be moving from the bottom up. The...
  17. Old Hippy 127

    The best way to get high ever!

    I truly am an old hippie; think Woodstock era. I have been using the weed since 1965 when I was 15 years old. There may be a few methods to ingest cannabis I have not tried, but if so, I truly don't know what they are. Unfortunately, I also smoked cigarettes for 45 years. Several years ago, I...
  18. Ron Strider

    Illegal Marijuana Farm Damages California Archaeological Site

    A 30-year-old Mexican national has been sentenced to three years in prison for running a large illegal marijuana operation that caused extensive damage to a large prehistoric Tűbatulabal archaeological site, U.S. Attorney Phillip A. Talbert announced Monday. Rafael Torres-Armenta (Torres) had...
  19. L

    Excited to join learn and share!

    Hi all I chose to post on this site cuz I find myself looking at it the most. I first started growing with a stepdad at age 9 ever since then I've been in love. A few years ago I got busted (well I didn't a partner did an pointed that ugly finger) for manufacturing an spent two years in prison...
  20. S

    Frozen seeds can last 50 to 20,000 years!

    Hi -- I was just listening to Terri Gross's always wonderful "Fresh Air" program on NPR. She was interviewing the guy who started The Global Seed Vault nine years ago, where they store the world's crop biodiversity in a giant tunnel in a mountain just 700 miles south of the North Pole. The...
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