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24 hrs of dark before harvest to increase resin?


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last crop my electric went out for 48 hrs, almost exactly. I was in week 6 of flower and getting close, but this happened and I didn't want to wait 3-4 days for the plants to recover from hormone diffussion, so I decided to harvest right when the lights came back on. here's the weird thing.....the buds were covered in resin, way more than I've ever had on before. so I gave 'em 24 hrs of sunlight, enough for one last baking session but not enough to revert back to veg. turned out to be great weed, best I've grown indoors before, guess the extra darkness forced a little more flowering in at the end? anyone else ever do anything like this?


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I've tried my share of wives tales, usually they don't work. but I had never heard of this no light thing, jusy stumbled across it. the lights I was using at the time grew decent weed but did so very slowly. never any changes noticeable in a week period, everything took a few weeks to see changes in (took 3 weeks after flowering to show sex!!). for the buds to double in resin in a 48 hour period was very uncharacteristic.
I know I've read a lot of debate on 12/12 flowering, some people wanting more and some of less than 12 hrs light. as we all know, the 12 on bakes up your buds, but the 12 off keeps triggering flowering, thus pushing the plant into reproduction phase and creating resin. I know what I experienced, and in a few weeks will try with my better lighting system.

ps ganjagorilla, I asked last fall about the reducing watering in the last few weeks, cuz I heard that too. it did work for me but I had no way to tell how much was the lack of water and how much was the buds finishing up, it was an outdoor grow and they were just finishing up. I didn't let them completely dry up, just let 'em get a liitle thirsty.peace.


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I keep the humidity low during flowering anyway, to avoid budrot. past that all I know is I read exactly that last fall, tried it and got real good results. scientifically it does kinda make sense though, for the plants to try and survive.


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humidity should be low all throughout the plants life unless you have a c02 system

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During the middle stage of flowering (week 4,5, and 6 on a 8 week flowering plant) The trics really stand tall and look super shiny and big. The stalks on the trichomes are still very strong holding a bulbulous head full of resin.
I am sure they are pretty but your size and weight was severely diminished and you now have uppity premy bud.
You should have let them finished. You were pass the time point to worry about hermies and the photo shock would have only slowed growth by less than a week.

When the lights are off photo synthesis stops and co2 is not used so even though the plant is still growing stealing energy from the leaves, bud production is at a complete stop so why not use that time to make your buds bigger and or denser?

Low humidity levels could stunt growth do to evaporation and you might not even notice but with the right strain you will get shiny rockhard buds. High humidity and bring all kinds of problems.
50 to 60% seems to be the best for flowering. During veg 70% is acceptable but anything higher will slow growth because their is to much pressure against the plant's wall linings.

If you really want a very resinous and oily plant try a strain like Hashplant and others like it. There are also boosters specifily made to increase oil production like Liquid Karma or Flourilishous Bloom from general hydropics.


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^^what the hell are you talking about? who wants an oily and resinous plant, and whose buds are uppity and premy? what does that mean?


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People often misconstrue the reason for keeping the grow room dark before you harvest. I for one do not think it has much to do with adding to the plants potency, rather it has more to do with not detracting from it. I believe that if you grow your plants with great care, and monitor the development of the trichomes, you will then know exactly when you wish to harvest. By putting the plant in the dark you will not risk degrading the trichomes any more than is desired, preventing the plant from "over-ripening".

I see no reason why you couldn't just harvest when you reached the chosen time and skip this whole dark step, but to each his own.

I have tried it, it did nothing noticable.:peace:

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^^what the hell are you talking about? who wants an oily and resinous plant, and whose buds are uppity and premy? what does that mean?
THC is in the resin glands that produce oils and such. Another word for resin glands are trichomes. A extremely oily resinous plant would be like The Hog, Hashplant, White widows(Any white strain), AK47 or just about any plant cover so heavily with trich that the buds look sugarcoated.
Your resin glands would be comepletely clear(Never fully matured and opal looking) making it more of a total head high which to me is uppity with no couch lock quality.
Harvesting at 6 weeks is a premature harvest via premy buds.
I don't mean to offend but you sometimes need a fellow grower to point things out so next grow become better. Its why a lot of us are hear for.
I also don't sugar coat my words when I believe another fellow grower makes a poor judgement call. If nobody points out that you could have done better, how are you going to know?


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(what I misspell somethin', part of the way I talk?!?)
Yeah, Some folks don't get Chuckineze

Has worked for me.
Read BOG's ways at OG and tried them,
well not the MH for flowering one,
and some say I'm full of BS when I say they work..
they also call other thangs I have done/tested BS
So be it ,
a lab would be nice,
in order to publish results with factual percentages and other numbers

I lose ya' again?


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(in Robert DeNiro's voice)
lil bit, lil bit.
DaMagoMan you keep rocking out, the world is a better place with people like you in it!:58:
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