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Hello everyone and welcome to our December Members Update.

This monthly post is to keep you informed about what's been going on behind the scenes at 420 Magazine during the last few weeks, highlighting any changes to the website which may effect you and spotlighting new articles of interest, new sponsors and our monthly contest winners.

A special "Welcome!" to all the new members who have joined over the last month - Welcome New Members – Please Read Before Posting and do Introduce Yourself. Many thanks also to all those who warmly welcome new members.

We always say that we wouldn't be here without our Sponsors, however it's equally true that 420 Magazine wouldn't be such a great mission without you, our members. We are always grateful for your presence, contributions, positive energy and spirit of helping others. :love:

Software News & Website Updates
We are continually working to resolve any software problems and make your on-line experience better. Here are the revised and new features that we have introduced in the past month.
  • We have collapsed the forums hamburger menu mobile text link so it would bring the gallery link closer to the top and make it more convenient. So if you want to check watched threads for example, just tap the down arrow to the right of the 420 Forums link and you’ll see it and other features in the drop down menu. Just one extra click for you. Our Contests link has also been added as a left side hamburger menu link above Reviews for mobile.
  • We have tidied up the multiple copies of our Posting Guidelines. This is partly to help us when guidelines are updated, to ensure that no copies are missed. All will now forward you to Forum Guidelines - Please Read Before Posting
  • The Photo Gallery & Photo Gallery Tutorial have been updated to be much more stoner friendly. We apologize for the confusing mess this has been in. You can find more details here - Photo Gallery Updates - where we also will welcome your comments and feedback.
As always, please let us know if you discover any issues from the upgrades at support@420magazine.com or in Website Help & Feedback.

420 Magazine SEO: Search Engine Optimization Project
If members could please remember to descriptively label photos before posting and be explicit when describing content in thread tiles, that really will boost our SEO, helping those seeking advice, news and information to find us.

1. Threads
Titles such as "WTF is this?" or "Bud Porn" negatively affect our rankings, whereas "My plant has gone crazy - is this foxtail?" or "Black Domina 72 Days Into Flower - Huge Colas" are descriptive and will positively help our mission.

2. Photos
Photos should describe their content so please re-name something like "image DSC_3928174rtt.jpg" to "jack-herer-hempy-bucket.jpg" for example, before posting.

This will help users to find your images and better understand your post.

Please also use the Gallery instead of attaching photos. This not only benefits our SEO, it also creates your own, personal library of photos to browse, which isn't possible with attachments.

3. Tags
These are important, so please be sure to add them when you start a new thread by using the Add Tags option .

Use words you expect to use in your thread or grow, e.g. soil, organic, outdoor, coco, LED, organic, hydro, scrog etc.

We understand this is extra work and not always possible, but please try to help us to remain the biggest and best cannabis community on the internet.

4. The International Forum
As a consequence of requests from our members, the International Forum has been reinstated on our Forums Page.

420 Magazine Store
It's up and running here - 420 Magazine Store. Currently in stock, we have some very cool 420 Magazine mugs, stickers and those sought-after 420 Magazine T Shirts. It's all tip-top quality. No cheapo, poorly manufactured goods here. Unfortunately, PayPal continues being a problem in not allowing payments. Despite medical cannabis being legal in 38 States, recreational use legal in 18 States and a further 13 States having decriminalized cannabis use, PayPal have not yet caught up. We've all still got much work to do. Help support our Mission and pick up some awesome 420 goodies.

Your Experiences At 420 Magazine
We've got a new thread for our members to share how much they have learned, gained, grown and/or experienced from their membership at 420 Magazine. We hope that patients, activists, growers, fans of the flower, friends of 420 Magazine, or even reformed LEO will post their experiences here for others to learn from and celebrate.

Please Tell Us About Your Experiences At 420 Magazine

We would like to thank the following sponsors for joining or renewing their support for our mission. We are truly grateful.

Toker Poker
Herbies Seeds
Mile High Cleaner

Please check out their websites and support those who support us.

Also, don't forget to check out the Sponsors Forum, where our sponsors post information and offers exclusive to 420 Magazine members.

To make it easy for you to find sponsors accounts and their profiles, we've now added them to the Members Page.

Sponsor of the Month: Medic Grow
Medic Grow are our 420 Magazine Sponsor of the Month!

After years of research and experience in the LED grow lights industry, Medic Grow have launched their own range of full spectrum LEDs panels, with an enhanced red spectrum to boost blooming and adjustable beam angles. Medic Grow is a manufacturer with years of experience that develops, manufactures, distributes, advertises and sells LED grow lights for home and commercial horticulture growers.

We thank Medic Grow for their support. Do check out their website, and support those who support 420 Magazine.

Our Home Page
Don't get stuck in the growing forums. Do remember to check out our Home Page regularly. It's updated daily, full of interesting stories, sponsor profiles, reviews, and some great articles written by our sponsors.

This month there's a new review by 420 Magazine Official Product Reviewer, Krissi Carbone, of Cilicon's new vape, the ELEV Bar1.

November also saw new Home Page articles written by Herbies Seeds and Mile High Cleaner:
Mile High Cleaner – Taking Bong Cleaning To The Next Level
Therapeutic Benefits Of Cannabis: A Closer Look

November Contest Winners
Congratulations to all of the monthly winners, who, thanks to our sponsors, will be receiving some great prize packages.

420 Magazine's Plant of the Month: November 2022 - Jon
420 Magazine's Grow Journal of the Month: November 2022 - Carmen Ray
420 Magazine's Member of the Month: November 2022 - Buds Buddy
420 Magazine's Nug of the Month: November 2022 - Dutchman1990
420 Magazine's Photo of the Month: November 2022 - Dutchman1990

You don't have to be an experienced grower to enter the contests - any member with a minimum of 50 posts may enter and vote in those with polls. There are some great prizes to win - including exclusive 420 Magazine merchandise and some high value products from our generous, contest-supporting sponsors.

So if you fancy picking up a garden-full of great prizes, or just enjoy looking at some of the most beautiful plants and nugs produced on the planet, do check out our contests. They are fun and inspirational.

That's the lot for this month. Thank you for being a valuable part of our Mission, we are truly grateful for you.

Sending you all lots of love and positive energy through the universe.

Teddy Edwards
420 Support

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