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A male plant pictorial


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hey 420 peeps , this is one of the most frequently asked questions for new growers . i put this photo up for that learning curve ..........
from left to right you see a male pollen sac that has burst , a male pollen sac and male balls on the plant. get them out of your garden as soon as you notice male parts !!!!!!!!!!! please take a look at our sponsor page for some good deals on the equipment you will need to have a successful grow ........ patience and :goodluck::420::allgood:


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Not ruined here this year, I grew males here on purpose. I have the pollen frozen for next year to seed out my crop after I harvest the choice tops. Male flowers can actually be smoked (as can seeded females). You can get high, just not as high. I have a few jars of cured male flowers to add to the bowl to temper the high and throw in some CBD.


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and yes, as big sur mentioned he had a good reason to grow a male ......... but if you are new too this and want a female get rid of the males ......when you get some experiance points you can start to really experiment from growing your own seeds to cloning
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