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A question about how much water it will take to saturate a 100 gallon container.


Plant of the Month: July 2012
I have never had to, in my almost 20 yrs of growing, ever had to determine how much water it takes to transplant root bound babies from 5 gallon containers to their final resting place of a 100 gallon container. Mind you I have done this a gillion times, but my NEW LANDLORD wants to know how much it takes to keep/transplant into 100 gallon containers so he can keep track of my water usage!?! When we moved in here in 2006, I was promised as much water as I needed, even going halves on a 1,000 gallon water container to make sure I had enough. Now 6yrs later he has flipped the script on me. He says that it takes(NOW) 5 cycles of water to fill my tank, which I know is BS, as I had control of the filling of my tank for the past 5 yrs. We never over used the water, nor did we ever let it overflow, wasting the precious water. Suddenly, out of the blue he started having all of these new people move in, and suddenly he took the control of the water from me, even locking up the boxes that control the water switch, and pad locking the the control valves! I could understand if we messed up the system, but we did not, and last year I almost had to fight tooth and nail for the water we were allocated. He promises this will not be the case this year, but because I know the control freak attitude he has about every thing, I AM WORRIED. Last year we only got to shower about every 4-7 days in order to have the water to keep my children well watered. I save water all year long to avoid this situation, but invariably it always seems to happen. I even rented a backhoe and built a legal fence for my garden, all out of my own pocket(WHICH REALLY ADDED A LOT OF VALUE TO HIS PROPERTY), so I could show i was a good tenant, and willing to pay my own way. Well anyways back to the point, does anyone have any idea how much water it takes to fully water a 100 gallon grow pot, as I only water half my garden at a time, 13 one day and 12 a couple of days later, I feel there should be plenty of water for my garden. Especially since according to my calculations, and the temperature, I use about 300 to 450 gallons at a time with each watering, which I spread out. Since he says I supposedly get 2 fills a day at 250 gallons per fill, which is 500 gallons of water, there should be no problem right? Plus my wife and I would love to shower everyday, flush our toilets, and do laundry and dishes. This does not happen though because I know he is shorting us our full water refills, he will not even let us know when he fills it, so it is impossible to keep track of. I know he uses my water to fill his tank, and this just is not fair, since I pay for it. His answer to me was that his needs come first, what a great guy!?! So if anyone can give me the amount of water it takes a 100 gallon container to fill with, after the first planting and the plant are growing fine. I understand that the larger the plants get the more they drink, but there has to be a baseline for a 100 gallon container, and he wants to know, why I do not know, but I smell him trying to cut my water even more. PLEASE HELP, A VETERAN GROWER, SINCERELY JAMESTHEGREEN.
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