any possible way to fix glass?


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The other day I went to unclog my pipe with an allen key, but it chipped a hole. It broke a chip about 5 times the size of the original hole in the pipe right in the bowl. This is, unfortunately, my lucky pipe. It's my first pipe, and on top of that it's named Santa, so what a way to start the holiday. It's the only of many pipes that I actually care about preserving, so is there any possible way to permanently repair this? I'm not necessarily looking for a cheap fix, is there any way a glass blower would know how to fix it?
I am sure a glass blower might be able to help you out, but really its probably gonna be a hassle to go about this. Honestly I would think its time to retire the dearly departed. Its never easy saying good bye and its in these bleak moments of sorrow one must look past the sadness and pain. Remember the good times, those special moments shared over the years. Through this processes Santa shall live on for ever, in your heart, in your soul. Also you must not be too hasty in searching for a replacement for Santa. Santa wasnt just a pipe, it was a soul mate,a friend whom was in for the long haul, good, bad, and even the ugly I am sure. Let your next friend find you.
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