Fixing chipped glass


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Recently I was in a head shop looking at bongs. I decided on this one to purchase, but told the guy working there I didn't even want the slide or bowl it came with. So as he proceeds to pull the slide out, the glass around that area chips.. He stares at it dumbfoundedly, and I tell him I don't want it anymore. He says it's still fine, just barely chipped (which sadly, it is). It was $90, he was offering it for $40 flawed. I told him I wouldn't pay more then $15, and he hesitantly sold it to me.


My question to you 420timers is, what is the best way to repair this thing? I would like it to look as clean as it can, but as cheap as I got this bong, I'll just be happy if the chip is safe and won't spread. I've never fixed glass before.. I researched and found that some people use superglue, but I'd like to do this in the best possible way I can. Any suggestions?
:hmmmm: O.K. ...This is my 2nd try at answering this .......Go to your local auto parts or hardware store ....Look for some stuff called JB Weld ....2 tubes in a bubble pack ......Mix even amounts together .....If ya have the chip ....put it back in place ...if not ....fill the hole as best as ya can ......Let sit overnight .......You'll be smokin your piece in no time ...Good luck ! :peace:
Thanks for the reply Jeeper. I think I'll go pick me up a pack of JB Weld tomarrow and fix that sucker up. Unfortunatly, the piece that chipped off was lost as soon as it was gone, so I don't have it anymore. I'll post pics as soon as I get it done, hopefully I can make it look good. The bong still smokes very well, I just don't want it to get worse, and it annoys me to see/feel the chip.
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