Da Buddah vaporizer bong


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Here's a pic of my vaporizer along with a bong I modified to use as an attachment. I bought this bong a couple of months ago from a tobacco shop for a discount because it was chipped around the slide. I didn't do much, just put some epoxy putty around the slide (which is inverted) and added the tubing. I'm hoping this lasts me, because it works like a charm.


There are bong attachments made for this vape, I just don't have the cash to buy one just yet. I spent only $10 for the expoxy and 20 feet of tubing. Not too shabby!.

I got a similar setup. I have a bubbler attachment for my vapor brothers box style vaporizer, and it OWNS. I can get such big vape hits and its tastes amazing.
Unfortunately it's the time of the month where I don't have much cash to try some nugs with this quite yet, although I vaped some mids in it and it was amazing. Can't wait till payday!
I do not smoke mids.

However, with the setup of vape going through water it isn't that bad. My friend will bring over about a quarter of mids and we just keep packing the bitch and play videogames or w/e.

I enjoy using it with highgrade much more, but it makes mids tolerable...plus you don't care as much with mids because its so cheap. Good for a personal piece and for using it with friends.
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