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Are you looking into the possibilities regarding LED growlights?


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Hello fellow growers and you who thinks about having your own little plant in the closet or cabinet.

I've got about 8 years of growing behind me so i've got a pretty good idea about how to keep a plant alive.

But also im no tech wiz actually im more of a technical retard. I got my first computer at age 21 for an example :D so the hole LED world looked a bit confusing in my eye's. There is a lot more technical specs to consider when growing with LEDs and i thought i got the hole grower lingo pretty much under control.but then i met LED were people are talking NM, PAR, UMOL, tribands, quadbands, hexabands, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah and yes you go into brainfreeze, when the pro's start talking about it. Im still too green to educate anyone about anything regarding LEDs. But i thought i would post this thread, for those of you finding it hard to search the web on good hornest reviews on the smaller LED lights like Ufo's most treads i could google were either uncompleted or surely written as more of a salespitch rather than newbie helping guidelines. and not all smokers are well educated engineers or technicians so whats shit and whats cinnamon?

my limited experience with my Ufo tells me that one of the key ingredients in growing with a small LED is Mylar and plenty of it. The Led footprint is very limited too under the lamp and depends one the spread on the lenses 60, 90, 10 or 120 degrees spread for an example. The degree of spread put together with the strength of the lenses wattage usage will determent the distance to the plant.. And you need as much reflecting material as possible to get light as much around your plant as possible. I found LST FIM and ROOT-trimming when repotting and not settling with a small shitty pot a good way to up your yield with the small 90w UFO. well nuff talk now ill just copy/paste some dry numbers and specs in my setup. that i have also posted regarding LED light in another tread. i just thought this info might be easier to find for newcomers if in its own thread, i found it difficult to find reliable materiel regarding a new technology when i started looking into this. So i hope this can be helpful for someone out there.

From my post on Thread :The Basics Of Plant Lighting. if new with LED you should read this Thread, this guy and alot of the commentators in the thread are much smarter on the subject than myself.

I use to flower using 1200w of hps. had to move to something smaller so stopped growing. now im getting back on the horse the LED horse that is. I must say so fare i am actually very impressed, and i was one of the real haters of LED five yeas ago. now im sitting here eating my own hat

I looked at alot of ufo's went with this one. found it on a regional "local" website. i paid around double of the going prices of the e-bay china models. around 220 dollars. i didn't want to get a bad first impression of the LEDs do to being a cheapskate, so i went after for something of better quality (in my opinion) than most of the e-bay ufo's i found. I know there are a lot of panels that will preform better, but i am trying to keep it small and on a fairly low budget. i think there is a lot of cheating with the specs regrding chipset lenses etc. when buying on e-bay (if your not a pro at buying e-bay stuff)
my hornest opinion of the lamp i got, is that it works great for smaller medical cabinets and closets.

90 watt ufo

45 x 3 watt chipset


Leds mounted

# Blue LED (430nm).

# Royal blue LED (450nm).

# Blue LED 475nm.

# Deep Red LED (660nm).

# Orange/Red LED (640nm).

# Orange/Red LED (630nm)

keep it around 30-40 cm 12-16 inches from my plants

for site lighting i've gone with.
2 x 12 watt E27 fitted LED lamps

for my upcoming seedling veg room i will go with two of these and two of somewhat similar lamps regarding watts but just with pure blue spectrum.

Blue LED (430nm)

Royal blue LED (450nm).

Blue LED 475nm.

Deep red LED (660nm).

Red LED (640nm).

used as side light

if used on top of plants about 8-12 cm 4-5 inches (you can actually grow a small plant to harvest with one of these small lamps and get not much but some smoke) my friend grew a LR in a small pot with one of these lamps and he is not a experienced grower he still pulled 5 dry grams off it, he put it in the window some few days when the sun was shinning but beside that it was just standing in the cabinet of his and i only feed it some cheep home depo garden fertz in had it in shitty soil.

i must say they (the ufo and my site lights) seem to preform quite well in both veg and flower
i have not yet mounted air intake or outtake in my closet. only a 35 watt circulation fan.
temps are fine. But got to fix it before the next summer hits im just going with two 12v pc fans

Right now i got 1 Bagseed female. planted two in the pot but one was male so i digged up from the pot a few days after inducing flowering stage. i've been fimming and doing LST since 3-4 sets of leafs.
Its growing just with the ufo light no side lighting want to see the ufo fly solo sort to say.
the pot is a 40 litre/about 10 gallon pot with a lot of drilled airholes around the side and in the bottom.
Using a biobizz light mix soil
Fertz BioBizz Grow, Bloom, Topmax and Alg-A-Mic somewere according too the schedule provided by biobizz on their web site.
I feed it some rootjuice when repotted and root trimmed as well when repotted.

the two bagseeds looked like this after repotting and growing for about one week in the new pot. as mentioned earlier one was male and it got removed after inducing floweringstage when the first pollensacks occured. it looked very femaleish tho. tight inbetween internotes and not as streetchy as i found males often to be. if both would have been female it would have been a tight fit in the closet so its no plroblem that one was male

Now its going on day 30 of flower and looks like this

My last grow were six Lowriders Roadrunner and RQS auto cheese, they started potted outside late summer and got a lot of rain even two attacks of hail :D they grew in shitty cheep soil with stonelayers gravel instead of perlite. but i still got to pull 60+ grams dried from 5 of them the last one i cut down a bit premature so did'nt get the weight from that one. they only had one month under the Ufo and it really did something good with those six saggy titted garden hoes of sorry plants i had started growing :D

actually i just paid for my LR seeds thinking i could get a quick one in there on an "indian summer". when the seeds were germinated the sun said bye bye and rain and hail said hey hey. As any hornest grower in here will know. Something inside me was screaming something like AAAAAAARH!!!!! when i saw my little plants looking more and more beat down and soggy in my small gardenpatch. so yeah i ended up spending 350 dollars to save six saggy sobbing plants :goodjob:When you start growing it gets under your skin and you cant seem to do less than your best for the babies.

this is a picture of the six LR and my two bagseeds LR 26days old looking pretty sorryass imo. The bagseeds with the lst are about 40 days old. The one in the red pot is the female i've got upstairs in this thread. Just when i mounted the Ufo, i had a big distance between light and plants, i then regulated the distance over the next week or so, untill i found what seemed to be the hotspot of the optimal distance.

so this is the roadrunners and RQS auto cheese around 60 days from popping the seeds

So must say that me personally im satisfied with my small LED lamps. Iv'e paid around 350 bucks for my closet in all and it should last me at least 3 years. Im not pulling the yields i was doing before, but when i get proberly into the LEDs i expect to surpass my hps yields pr. squarefeet at some point. when i get some 5 watt leds in my next closet, a have a secret plan on how to get me some massive buds even at the bottom of the bushy-ish bushes but thats for another thread later in life :D

its a massive downsizing from my old growrooms to this small closet. But actually i love it, i can now focus on upping the yield on a couple of plants, instead of having 40+ plants growing in 3 part cycle. My old grow was hydro so think i will go back to that at some point using LEDS, and see what that will get me.

Well that was my two pennys of thoughts regarding LED
happy growing everybody:Namaste:
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Sure beats a sharp stick in the eye, I think you will surpass your friends 5 gr harvest ;), what is your goal / estimate final harvest ?
i will say this plant will sure pass 2oz/60g+ dried thats my goal for this plant. keep in mind its only my second run with LED so there will be some adjustments i will for sure pass 1g pr w in my next grow, my closet can take two plants of this size under the lamp but then of course i will have to also mount my two 12w sidelights in the closet again.

few new pictures from day 44


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Yeah its getting 1970's porn bush-ish :thumb:
estimated harvest time 3 weeks or so. and it will yield the 2oz my man :MoreNutes:

by the way those 5g he grew was under one of my small 12w sidelights and a few days of sunshine not the ufo if that was what you thought ;)


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ooh my growroom does not look at all like it does in the pictures anymore. that was just before i mounted the mylar. but thats for your advice. i did grow hps for 8 years so know how a proper setup should be like. but do to some private stuff. lost my house and the money is small so had to start with babysteps, one thing at a time. :)

this is how it looks at the moment. that shitty led panel is not plugged in, just used as a bit of reflection, untill i get the bottom part of the bloom area in my closet fixed was gonna cut some mylar an cardboard to fit on top of the bucket instead of that panel and the mylar in the bottom left side. but before that i will change the round bucket to a square one that fills the closet perfectly. and mount two peices of hose with half a bottle on each of them to get an easy aproach to the feeding.

the tin foil does not create hotspots like it tends to do if used with hps? but if you say tin foil is actually good with LED i will take it into conderation to try when i will fix my small seedling/veg room in the bottom of the closet soon. i just seem to remember something i read once about tin foil only did aroung 60-68 % reflection or something. but i will for sure check up on my fact. this memory of mine is no more what it used to be ;)

checked the internet for reflective properties of tin foil wiki said: The reflectivity of bright aluminium foil is 88% while dull embossed foil is about 80%.[

ok there it is :) finally had some trouble getting it to upload the picture


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looks good , i like the lean you gave the Mylar to reflect the light up.

I have read conflicting reports on reflectivity. I have heard it mentioned both ways that Mylar is more reflective and that tin foil is more reflective.

I will find some info on it , hopefully a real study.

With a lux / foot candle meter and a strict testing method it could be checked.

Funny enough I have just bought a cheap lux meter to check on the LED panels light spread, when it arrives I will do a reflectivity test , under very strict conditions for accuracy.

I am new to LED's , I have read up and study up on them fairly extensively and have come to the conclusion I want in. I am using a 180w (300w) LED panel for grow and bought two 230w (430w) for flower.

I actually sold my gold rings to buy the lights lol haha.
Its my 1st go at it with LED's

The hot spot you mentioned with tin foil would be more of a worry for the eyesight , It will reflect the heat back but the led's have little heat out front of the bulb , it mostly goes to the heat sink where fans blow it away or it convects.


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I think my confusion may be (with the % ) that the space blanket Mylar is not as reflective as tin foil. I have studied up on Mylar since and found the purpose made reflective Mylar is superior to the lowly tinfoil I suggested.

It turns out I was using the perfect material to begin with , black & white Tyvek , below is a link to a 420 thread on Tyvek's reflectivity



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Never seen this material before. the thread u linked to, there is a picture of a roll of this ORCA grow film. it is rolled up with the dark site pointing upwards. do you use its dark or white site? seems like a stupid question i know. but when i buy a roll of mylar the reflective site is upward. so thats why im speculatinga bit.

oooh yeah and. the space blankets sucks as they are more made to reflect bodyheat than light. two space blankets made as a tent in front of a small fire (beware of firehazard) provides a very good survival shelter at wintertime for an example. but is not nearly as light proof and reflective as the Mylar used in growcabinets


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For reflectivity you use the white side up towards the light. Although I am not using the Orca , just black and white Tyvek the type commonly used for house wrap.
Although its black one side and white the other with no markings or name brand on it , This stuff is as thin as the white Tyvek with the name printed on it you are probably familiar with.

One thin layer will only pass la tiny bit of ight from my 300w LED panel if its 3 or 4 inches from touching it. I was impressed being the material is so thin and flimsy. As it breaths no mold will grow behind it , perfect for this situation.

I did another search on Tyvek this time I found a chart from a University test paper with some reflectivity numbers ,

Reflection coefficients

Teflon - 0.99
ESR film - 0.985
Titanium dioxide paint - 0.955
Lumirror - 0.98
Tyvek paper - 0.97

I believe the Lumirror is Mylar , 1% more reflective then tyvek from this study paper titled : Simulating Scintillator Light Collection Using Measured Optical Reflectance


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Yep :high-five:my guess is that it will be ready around week elleven. tree nute feeds more and then a week-ish of flushing


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Harvested a couple of days ago and the rest yesterday, i pulled 7,5oz wet trimmed with a couple of twicks on a couple of the main colas. I will report the final and dry weight in a couple of weeks or so. But all in all a good first lst run with my 90w Ufo, forgot to take pictures before i harvested tho. I have also started tree easy bud Auto's from RQS while im gonna prepare and prune tree future motherplants from a RQS indoor feminized mix germination rate with the 6 seeds 100% :) All tree Auto's have been potted in one 11 gallon bucket. and the the mixed seeds are in 2 gallon pots

:Namaste: and a good day to all


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no im pretty sure i'll be getting 2 oz. dry :) cut 30 grams of some side branches and after ten days of drying it went to 10 grams. the ten years i've been growing indoor by now my yields have always been somewere between 1/3 and 1/4 of the wet weight. i always cut of as much stalk as possible maybe thats why.


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total dry wieght on this plant 1.975 ounces of pure bud :D need to buy a bigger scale tho, only have my small diamon scale left and it takes forever to check the weight with that one :D
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